You can now a DishPointer Lite widget to your website. Follow the easy steps on the widget page and then copy and paste the generated code into the HTML of your website. On my UK satellite blog you can see how the widget is implemented on the site (on the right sidebar). This will give you an idea what you can do with the widget. There are several options to choose from to seamlessly integrate the tool into your site. The DishPointer Lite version is absolutely free but if you have a business critical website, one with high traffic or would like to have a fully customised widget together with e-mail support, performance monitoring, features such as dish size calculation or channel and satellite data, then please contact me for the Plus version of the widget.
5 Responses to “Add DishPointer Lite to your Site”
  1. luis carlos says:

    gracias por esta pagina me la recomendaron muy bien

  2. Eli Shavit says:

    thank you very much for the fantastic widget
    i have added it to my site and of course with all links and credits untouched
    if only there was a possibility to show also all the relevant channels that would make it a
    supertool for alls atellite enthusiasts
    keep the great work

  3. duncan mikaël says:

    bonjour, j’habite en guyane française,et ma femme qui est de la republique dominicaine,nous souhaitant connaitre les parametres qu’il faut utiliser capter la télévision nationale de saint domingue merci d’avance

  4. FELONGO says:


  5. abu turki says:

    thank you very much