Looking at visitor stats I see that you guys are actually coming from every country on this planet. Owing to this fact, the default location of Broadway New York is probably for many of you a bit useless. That’s why last week I added a free IP and location recognition tool to the system. The effect is that when the page has finished loading, the map will zoom straight away to your location. Well, most of the time at least. Because the ISP has a bit freedom in allocating the IP to different servers scattered around the country, it can happen that your location is thought to be a few thousands miles away from you – but still in the same country though. The accuracy of the free version is also not that brilliant but given it’s free still amazing. The pro version is a lot better in terms of accuracy but it costs a whopping $350/year which I can’t afford. But luckily, I had (and still have) a donations button on my UKSatelliteHelp Blog (on the front page bottom right – in case you’re going to be looking for it). And indeed, thanks to a few very generous donations I was able to obtain a pro license yesterday. This means, from today on, all IP and location recognitions are based on this tool.