I’ve just added support for motorized dishes. In the dropdown box with all the satellites, you’ll find at the bottom an item called True South / True North and then various makes of satellite motors (Moteck SG2100, Satcontrol SM3D12 / SM3D22, PanSat PM900S, PowerTech DG240 and Stab HH90, Stab HH100, Stab HH120). You’ll need the True South (if you live North of the equator) or True North (if you live South of the equator) marking in order to setup your motor. When you choose the satellite motor, you’ll get the declination angle and also the dish elevation. If you want me to add different makes of satellite motors, just let me know. When installing a motorized dish, the key is that the pole is absolutely vertical. If it’s not then the motor can’t track the satellites along the clarke belt – you wouldn’t receive the outer satellites. If your motor and receiver supports USALS then the installation becomes a bit easier as you can plug in your latitude and longitude into the receiver and the motor is rotated to the correct satellite automatically. All you would need to do is then fine-tune the installation. Without USALS, you need to point the motorized dish directly at True South/True North (the line on the map) and then take it from there. I hope to post a full installation guide here soon.
20 Responses to “Motorized Dishes and True South/North”
  1. Allan McGuiness says:

    What a bonus it is to have the latest details on the site. Could you add a Superjack dg120 to your list of motors at a future date.
    The information and guidance on here has been a godsend for me.. Keep up the good work, believe me it is greatly appreciated

  2. Ahmed says:

    Wonderful site! How about Satcatcher motors please?

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks, you are a great person for sharing your talents with newbies like me…

  4. Marty Crapper says:

    Hi, thanks for the info. I have a digipower sg2100 motor. if you can add that info, fantastic!

  5. Jeffery L. Tapley says:

    35 mi. west of jacksonville,site says 180 deg.,should’nt that be 185 deg for true south.
    Thanks Jeff

  6. Jeff says:

    Is moteck sg2100 the same as digipower sg2100

  7. Alan says:

    The Digipower SG2100 is the same as the Moteck SG2100, so please use the same settings.

  8. Alan says:

    The site says, azimuth (true) = 180 deg and azimuth (magnetic) = 185.7 deg to find True South. What it means is, if you have a compass corrected for magnetic deviation, use the 180 deg but if your compass is uncorrected then use the 185.7 deg (Both will point in the same direction, of course. Just the scale is a bit shifted – by 5.7 deg in your case). True South is for all locations always 180 deg, the only question is how big is the magnetic deviation.

  9. Jeff says:
  10. Mike says:

    I’m using a Satcontrol SM3D22. I notice at the bottom under Dish setup, it lists “elevation” @ 49.5 and “dish elevation” @ 41. Is “elevation” the motor’s elevation?
    I was told that motor elevation always equals latitude, which is 34.8 for me. I’ve had much trouble with this setup. If 49.5 is the correct motor elevation, that would explain why I’m having problems.

    Could you clarify?

  11. Alan says:

    The first elevation @49.5 is the elevation to the (existing or non-existing) satellite exactly at True South. So, this is the angle the signal is coming at and this is what you would set your dish if it’s without a motor.
    You do set the motor angle as per the scale to the latitude of your location, as you said – that’s correct. Then, you set the dish elevation on its scale to 41 (note that you must use the dish scale and not an inclinometer as your dish is probably an offset dish). And that should be it. Overall, the dish would be pointing exactly at the same spot whether it’s fixed to a motor or just to a pole.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  12. Mike says:

    Thanks for clarifying that for me.
    As it turns out, my dish has a 5 degree elevation error. Found others having the same problem as me. Checked motor elevation and added 5 deg. to give a dish elevation of 46 degrees and bang! Signal is perfect, and tracking the Clark belt perfectly.
    Thanks for this awesome site, and your quick reply!

  13. StanW says:

    This is great!
    I think there is a small bug: It does not give the closest satellite name under Sat Data but the motor name(in my case mottec sg2100. It does give the correct distance.

  14. Rui Silva says:

    Hello I have instal recently a motor the make is – MOTSAT-3 Ilusion – wath is the correct elevation ?
    can you help me please. I live in Tenerife – Spain

  15. Alan says:

    Never heard of Motsat 3 Illusion, sorry.

  16. Sunny says:


    What a wonderful website! It is worth more visiting this site than to watch DrDish TV that dedicates 5 hours for programs in german language and only 2 hours in English, giving publicity to german companies. My first question is: when will you set up a 24-hour TV program in English on Satellites to challenge DrDish that we are not fools? I so much respect the people of Germany, although we must admit that English is more widely spoken than German language.

    I have a SuperJack Linear Actuator with a Reed Sensor. The model number is (HARL-3618+). When will you add its support for motorized dishes in your dropdown box? Is this model the same as SuperJack DG120 that you have already included? I have a polar mount dish of 180CM and an ASTON DS200 Positioner.

    Waiting to hearing from you as soon as possible. Well done, keep it up.


  17. Alan says:

    Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. DrDishTV is a great resource – can highly recommend it.
    As for the motor, the different models only differ w.r.t to the dish elevation. Everything else is the same.
    Btw, a great dish you’ve got there.

  18. jack z. says:

    I have a digiwave motorized dish and I live in welland ont. can., could someone help me with the dish angles? thanks

  19. Eddie says:

    Hi all, I am brand new to this forum and to sat. community in general so please do not mind if I ask wrong question or misunderstand something.

    I live in Newtown, Mid Wales (Latitude: 52.5242° Longitude: -3.2930°), and currently have installed 90cm dish with double lnb one pointing at 13E (Hotbird) and other to 28 (Astra, SKY), and this a fixed dish/system.

    I have decided to get a motorised system in order to watch 0.8 Thor (W) as there are many Bosnian/Croatian speaking channels and yesterday I received a Technomate TM-2300 DiSEqC H-H motor, and proceeded with installation, well tried to. Removed the dish from a bracket and placed the motor (did set the angle/elevation on the side of the motor bracket 52degree) and then the dish on the motor and roughly pointed in the direction where the previous dish was pointing (13e), and nothing, signal on the receiver was totally lost, I think that the dish was pointing somehow lower when attached to the motor handle/bracket than when it was sitting on the original bracket. Do I need to alter the angle on the dish it self as I didn’t do this I just removed the dish as it was and placed on the motors handle. Motor was pointing to 0 (zero) and the dish was installed in the right angle as advises in the manual. Do I need to point the system to true south first and go from there or 13degE (for Hotbird). Please, please help me as I could cry last night after all of this ladder dangling and nothing worked. I must say that I did not use a signal meter, it was just a hopeful attempt. I removed the motor and placed the dish back and signal was ok. I would appreciate help from you good people. What things am I doing wrong. Thank you in advance.

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