Due to several requests I have now added pointing information for multi-LNB dishes, starting with the popular US satellites Dish Network and DirecTV. There is now support for the DirectTV 5-LNB dish AU9 and the 3 LNB dish as well as the Dish Network 500, 1000 (1000plus), Superdish 105 and Superdish 121. In addition to the pointing direction, the magnetic azimuth, elevation and the dish skew (also called dish tilt) are given. The dish skew is according to the scale on the skew plate for the particular dish – Dish Network and DirecTV use the opposite scale, e.g. 90 degrees means all dishes are horizontal, 120 degrees for a Dish Network dish and 60 degrees for a DirecTV dish both mean that the dish needs to be rotated 30 degrees clockwise (standing behind the dish). Hope it makes sense but as a rule of thumb, rotate the dish in the direction of the pointing line. The multi-lnb setups are in the dropdown box. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select the one you need. If you like me to add a configuration, just drop a comment below with the list of satellites and stating which satellite sits directly over the LNB arm.
150 Responses to “Multi-LNB Dish Pointing”
  1. Peter Lambrechtsen says:

    A common 3 satellite config in New Zealand is Optus B3, D1 & C1.. if you could add those as well it would be great (they are all 4 deg off each other so it’s pretty easy anyway!).
    Also, in New Zealand when I point to NSS5 which is 177W, the line drawn points south.. which is towards antarctica.

  2. Nightshift says:

    Alan, this is awesome bro. Many thanks. I love your pointing tool.

  3. Alan says:

    I’ve added the Optus multi-LNB dish to the site. And thanks for pointing out the bug, there was indeed an error when selecting a ‘west’ satellite and your location was ‘east’. This has been fixed now.

  4. louie says:

    I’ve tried your multi-LNB pointer. Very cool!. Would you please include 91W/ 110/ 119 to your list?. It’s difficult trying to explain to friends how the dish should be pointed.
    Thanks in advance!!

  5. Alan says:

    Thanks for your comments. Just added 91/110/119W to the list. It assumes that 110W is the center satellite, i.e. that the LNB for it sits directly over the LNB arm.

  6. Joe says:

    Hi Alan:

    Thanks for the awesome site! Probably the most common elliptical dish sold in North America is the 18 x 24 elliptical that catches the 4 commercial satellites – Nimiq 1 & 2 and Echostar 7 and 8 situated at 82W, 91W, 110W and 119W. When this is mounted it has 101W on the arm ( no lnb mounted as there is no FTA here ) and 82 & 91 on the one side and 110 & 119 on the other side. Can you please add this to your list?


  7. Alan says:

    Thanks for the well described suggestion. Just added it to the list.

  8. ron46 says:

    This is freakin awesome. I have been trying to setup a multi lnb unit for weeks, thought I was going to have a melt down, my hat is off to you. Thankyou

  9. Gord says:

    GREAT utility!

    The 91, 110, 119 option saved my marriage tonight :)

  10. Andreas says:

    Hi. I love your site!

    For Europe, the most common multi-LNB config I’ve seen is 19.2E Astra(s) and 13E Hotbird(s). Perhaps you could add those, too?



  11. Alan says:

    @ron46, @Gord

    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

    Thanks for the suggestion, just added it to the list. I put 13E as the center satellite, i.e. the LNB for 13E sits directly over the LNB arm.


  12. carlos p says:

    Your website is regularly recommended by people in DirectTV .com Customer Service FAQ Forum. And this is the reason I’m writing to you. For some techie, I guess I’m one of them, your site is… for lack of better word, awesome or as they say here in U.S., Kicks Ass…Informations you provide save a lot of grief and wasted time. Thank God! ( hope your not an atheist).

    carlos P

  13. Peter says:

    “Andreas says:For Europe, the most common multi-LNB config I’ve seen is 19.2E Astra(s) and 13E Hotbird(s). Perhaps you could add those, too?”

    More European use a multi-LNB config with 28,2 E Astra/Eurobird, 19.2 E Astra and 13.0 E Hotbird. Maybe this can be added too.

  14. Jeff H says:

    I’m a bit confused, I just had a Direct TV system installed on my house. Along with it came a second antenna for my travel trailer. The one on the house has a 3 gun oval shaped dish. The portable one has a 3 gun round dish. The house has 1 HD receiver and 2 regular receivers. One of the regular receivers will be used with the portable antenna.
    Is one a 5 LBN and the other a 3 LBN ? There seems to be a difference in the pointing angles betweem a 5 LBN and a 3LBN. The regular receiver will be used in different States when traveling.

    Thanks for the site,

  15. Alan says:

    Thanks, I guess the 19.2 LNB sits directly over the LNB arm. I’ll add it in a minute to the site.

    That’s right, one is a 5 LNB dish and the other a 3 LNB dish. They also point at different directions.

  16. Joe says:

    Hi Alan:

    Just wanted to thank you for adding the 18 x 24 elliptical that catches 82, 91, 110 and 119.

  17. John L says:

    First of all, a great site and tool. A couple of updates I’d like to inform you of for N. American satellites: You can safely remove the SuperDish 121 (110, 119, 121) from the list of multi-LNBs. It is being phased out and the 121 is scheduled to cease broadcasting once all SuperDishes are replaced by the new Dish 500+/1000+. As such, add/replace it with the Dish 500+ and Dish 1000+. The 500+ picks up the 110, 118.7 Anik F3, and the 119, while the 1000+ picks up an additional bird at the 129. And since the 118.7 occupies virtually the same orbital location as the 119, please add it next to the 119 (e.g., 119/118.7 Echostar 7 & Anik F3).


  18. nick61 says:

    I just added DishPointerLite to our web site

    Tank you very much for your great job.


  19. STEPH says:


  20. Michael Van den Avont says:

    This is the most awesome tool I have seen to date, although I have yet to check it’s accuracy. I have a suggestion which makes the whole process even MORE complicated…the typical eliptical dish with 82, 91, empty centre, 110, 119, mounted with a STAB HH90 motor! I’ve been fighting with this setup for months! Just so you know, my purpose is to use the dish stationary for these four birds but still be able to rotate to pick up others when wanted…

  21. Brian says:

    This is a great tool. Thank you for your work on it.

    In the multi-sat configuration, is there anyway to have one line pointing to the eastern-most sat, another line where the dish should be centered, and a third line pointing to the western-most sat?

  22. Ken says:

    Along with everyone else I agree your application is fantastic. I have an additional multi-LNB request. Can you add StarChoice Anik F1R and Anik F2? Thanks!

  23. Alan says:

    Thanks for the info. Made the suggested changes.

    A great website you’ve got there. Thanks for adding DP Lite to it.

    @Steph and Ken
    Just done it, thanks.

    Possibly, maybe even all lines. Will see what I come up with and thanks for the suggestion.

    Never done something like that but sounds possible.

  24. Gursharan says:

    hi you have made an awesome website. I just wanted to ask, can you please add the Multi LNB Dish with 91 and 101 on one side, 110 on the arm and 119 on the otherside.

    I also wanted to ask an another question if i am using the dish listed above, is there need for removing obstacles from each satellite’s individual angle or just the from the angle that your software comes up with. Will i be able to receive 119 using the setup above even if it’s individual angle has a obstacle in the way?

    Thanks in advance.

  25. John says:

    hi i live in san francisco,i am trying to get free tv from Tanzania but the only sat i know is intesat 906 @64.2 which is not possible from north america, by any chance do u know of any orther satellite i can get it

  26. Alan says:

    is the 110 always on the arm? I can change it to that if someone can confirm it.

    Yes, you do need to check line of sight (LOS) for each individual satellite. If there is none, you can’t get the channels from that satellite.

    click on the satellites or the channels tab underneath the map. There you’ll find all the satellite/channels you can receive from your location. I don’t know any particular satellites carrying tanzanian channels but if any readers know, please post here.

  27. Gursharan says:

    Yes, for the satellite 119, 110, 101, and 91, the 110 is always on the arm. You can have a look at that bracket here http://transatelectronics.com/store/images/dishes/PLASTIC_ELL_BRACKET.jpg

  28. Alan says:

    Thanks, just changed it to 110W as the center satellite.

  29. MacAyayo says:

    Alan: this is a fantastic and extraordinary website. It is like science-fiction! My congrats! I am (brand) new in this hobby; I just got my 5-lnb Digiwave dish spaced for 82, 91, 101, 110 & 119, but with a 4×1 DiSEqC only. Joe said “…it has 101W on the arm ( no lnb mounted as there is no FTA here )…”. Michael Van den Avont said “…the typical eliptical dish with 82, 91, empty centre, 110, 119,…”. I would like to get FTA channels from the 101 DirecTV. Is it possible? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. BIG THANKS. Mac.

  30. desiid says:

    Alan, Amazing work ! Nice to see that you were able to add the 82,91,110 & 119.
    You make things lot simpler for a newbie.

  31. John says:

    Pleas add Single lnb 118.7 and multi lnb 110 and 119. Thanks

  32. Perz says:

    John, If you are receiving 110/119 I don’t believe you will have to re-aim the dish for 118.7, just add a different LNB as they are only .3 degrees apart. Charlie with Wave Frontier, http://www.multilnbdish.com/, told me: “For 118.7, you need a special LNBF that can capture both circular signal from 119 and linear signal from 118.7. We are in the process of developing a new lnbf and expect it to be available around Jan.” I am waiting until they have that LNB available then I’m going to go with their Toroidal T90. He is very helpful should you need further info.

    Dishpointer.com is great! I made a portable power supply to run my dish finder meter so that I don’t have to use the receiver to power it. I put 2 9volt batteries in series spliced to a a piece of coax that had a connector on it. I connected the negative (black) wire to the coax shield and the positive (red) to the center conductor. Using Dishpointer to do a rough-in and the dish finder meter, I am getting a steady Q of 98-100 on 110/119, 93-99 on 91 and 85-90 on 61.5.

  33. ARCHIE DO says:


  34. ARCHIE DO says:


  35. Alan says:

    @John and Archie Do:
    The 110/119 is the same as Dish500+ which is already on the list. As Perz said, there is not much difference between the 118.7 and the 119, so the alignment would be the same.

  36. ARCHIE DO says:


  37. Alan says:

    Archie Do,
    The dish skew is to be used for multi-LNB setups, i.e. rotate the whole dish. The LNB skew is for single LNB dishes, i.e. dish remains level but the LNB is rotated.

    ps. Please don’t type all capitals – it becomes difficult to read and looks like you’re SHOUTING.

  38. John says:

    Can I use 18″ directv dish with 2 legacy single LNBs to get 110/119 and one 18″ directv dish with legacy LNB to get 107.3. Thanks

  39. alex_step says:

    Please, add 4W+5E+13E. Thank You very much

  40. Aaron says:


    Can you add in an option to check the settings for a dish 500+ pointed at 119w and 129w

    Thanx a bunch


  41. Allan says:

    hey lookin for 110,119 with directv multi/3 havn trouble pointing and getting signal any advice

  42. Alan says:

    Just added the suggested configurations above to the drop down list.

  43. tom says:

    i have 80 cm digiwave 5 lnb setup just bought it tried setting fo dish 500 seem too high not getting anything i could do trial and error but it is very cold i know azmuth is correct but do you know settings for this dish i think this elevation way far back and skew not enough thanks

  44. tom says:

    sorry i am looking to poin at 82 91 110 119

  45. Alan says:

    Just select the 82W, 91W, 110W, 119W in the dropdown box. That will give you all the settings.

  46. Mike says:

    I am working on the same layout. using a DTV phase II dish, and facing it. 82 on left and 119 on right on the bracket. 82 is blank. no LNB. 91 has LNB. center blank. 110 LNB s just right of center, and 119 LNB is attached to the add-on bracket.

    105 dish skew doesn’t work in Barrie ON.


  47. tom says:

    when i compare digiwave to dish 500 useing same settings digiwave look of dish is elevated to the rear too much and not enough skew tilt. this dish is much bigger and arm is natuaraly curve shaped do you have settings for this one?

  48. Hugh says:


    New to this blog. Very interesting and informative. Interested in siting in 91W 110W and 199W. Having difficulty.
    You indicate there is a dropdown box for the settings. Can you guide me to the location of the settings on this blog.

  49. Hugh says:

    I am a Novice at this!! Appreciate any assistance respecting the set up of a Direct TV Dual-LNB 18″ Dish.
    Can anyone advise me what the Dish Skew 59.5 degree means.

    Satelite 110 W & 119 W – Dish Set Up Data notes Azimuth (True) 225.2 Azimuth (magn) 236.1 and Dish skew 59.5.
    Can anyone tell me about the Dish Skew 59.5. Could this be the adjustible Angle Scale (0 – 60 degrees) on the back of the Dish. My interpretation is that I would adjust the Dish Angle to 59.5 degrees at the back of the Dish. Is this correct ?? Next Question Do I set up Azimuth True or Magn ? and, how does one accomplish the Azimuth degree settings. Could this be the accomplished by turning the dish Clockwise or Counter-clockwise ?? and, how do I measure this, or know when I have it sighted in on the correct degree. Thanks, so much.

  50. stoneyboy says:

    I have an eliptical dish, made for 4 lnb. I have one on the far right, second spot is empty, and 3rd and fourth are for 110 and 119. I am having trouble aiming them. Could someone please give me a quick instruction how to do it?
    I have a dish finder, which LNB should I be hooked to while using it?

  51. canerry119 says:

    Hi Dear: Just need some help to add 3 lnb.s for 110 W DTV 5 and 110 W Eqstar 8,10 and 119W in DN 500 I also already have the 82W NimiQ2 any kindly help will be appercialted. Thanks

  52. oldguy2 says:

    hi great site- trying to get 110 and 119 ive got the 110 in but when i skew from what its telling me here 57.6 degrees i lose my Q signal on my reflector or dish 90 is horizontal am i suppose to subtract the 57.6 from 90 =33.6 and thats my skew to get 110 and 119 ty for any reply

  53. Alan says:

    You have to rotate the dish by 33.6 degrees so that on the scale it shows 57.6 degrees.

    @Canerry119, stoneyboy, Hugh, Mike and Tom
    Sorry but I’m not too familiar with specific dish types in the US but maybe some other readers can post their experience here.

  54. M3 says:

    Hello Alan,

    This dish pointer is way cool. It’s rocks! I love being able to see the line of sight around my house when trying to point the dish.

    Most people have an elliptical dish is the 18 x 24 elliptical that catches 3 birds.

    Can you please add the following configurations:
    82W/91W/101W – Nimq 1, 2 and DTV 101
    110W/119W/129W – Echo 8, 7 and 5

    Thanks and keep up the great site.

  55. Barry says:

    Toronto and Mississauga folks, the information on the LNB skew should be interpreted as 70.1 degrees not 109.9 for Multiple LNB dishes (91, 110, 119) (this is noted on the site, but for newbies like me, this is not obvious, so here is the reason in simple terms) always skew into the direction of the satellite (i.e. if the dish is pointing west, skew it clockwise). (clockwise when looking at the rear of the dish), I know this since I just set it up and 70.1 works and 109.9 doesn’t. Happy New Year everyone!! Great site Alan!!!!!!

  56. bobrock says:

    Hi and thanks for this great tool.

    Could you please add this configuration: 13E 16E 1W
    These are used by people from balcans
    thanks in advance

  57. Fidel Waterman says:

    tengo un plato eliptico con tres LNB y quiero localizar 119 y 110 echostal que configuracion debo tomar, vivo en la Habana Cuba

  58. Alan says:

    Many thanks, just added the two configurations to the list.

    No problem, just updated it.

    I’d suggest trying to receive the middle LNB directly over the arm with no dish skew. Once you’ve got that one, start skewing the dish slowly until you get the next LNB. Hope that was the problem of your question, my spanish is a bit rusty.

  59. HelloMan says:

    Hi Alan, Great site. Awesome.
    Just one quick question. can the above mentioned 110,119,129 setup can be obtained from dish 500 but adding another LNB (manually using some rubber band)? I have seen lot of people getting multiple satellites using Dish500.

    If you could add for Dish 500 setting to get 110,119 adn 129 (where 110 and 119 sits in the ccenter Y bracket), that would be awesome.


  60. Fidel Waterman says:

    Hello my location is latitude 23,132 degrees and length – 82,364 degrees, living person at the City of the Havanan Cuba I have 18 x’s elliptical plateful 24 Inches and I want to see canals of the dishNetword in 119 110 and aiming at the 110 with LNB in the arm. I need them to help somebody configure this of my platefuls. The plateful is DirecTv and I want to use him for dishNetword.

    Greetings Fidel

  61. ganti says:

    i was doing some of the things manually by using ms street and trips, but this is really great allan, one thing i want to ask you the dish size it says is larger than required i think, because i live in halifax which can get 1 meter for 118.7w, but your thing says 135 cm or so i dont know how dish size is calculated, anyway for all the other things it is really great

  62. Garry says:

    I hate to sound like a greenhorn but here goes.
    Your site lists two different skews for the 110 and 119 from my location. I have a dual LNB eliptical dish with the with LNB’s in the 119 and 110 spots. 2 questions. What skew should I use and what Sat should I locate first? Any help would be appreciated.

  63. Alan says:

    The lnb skews are for single lnb dishes. For your dual lnb dish you have to use the dish skew. You should locate the sat which sits on the lnb arm first.

  64. Jon D Cruz says:

    Hi Alan,
    This site is awesome, I was able to catch 101 in no time, however I would like to use my 18×24 dish for 101 DTV and 110/119 DishN. Could you please add these if possible. Thanks

  65. Don MacIntosh says:

    Hi I have a question about a FTA Elliptical Dish with a three LNB bracket , on the bracket are settings for 101w,110w &119w. I am wondering if it’s possible to get 91w on this in the 101w slot or can I get 91w with one of the others 110w or 119 w. My location is Lat. 37.600 and Long. – 76.570.

  66. Alan says:

    I guess it would work, you could have 91w, 101W and 110W in the 101w, 110w and 119w brackets, so everything shifted – you would loose 119w, though. You would also need to re-align the dish.

  67. Don MacIntosh says:

    Would you know the coordinates?I don’t see a set up like this in your table . Thanks

  68. Alan says:

    I’ve just added the setup to the list. Just remember to skew the dish into the direction of the line, i.e. if the line is pointing west then rotate the dish clockwise when standing behind it.

    I’ve just added that setup to the list, too.

  69. dblo says:


    I am using a 24″ elliptical with a 4 arm yoke, and I’m trying to snag 92, 110, and 119 in Toronto. I was under the impression that if I nailed 110 with a strong signal, all I had to do was adjust the skew and 92 and 119 would come in. No dice. Strong 110, but skew doesn’t help.
    Any advice? On my yolk the 110 is right over the arm so I thought this would work. To be honest I’d be happy with just 110 and 119, I have a spare single dish I could use for 92.

    Thanks. Dave.

  70. Alan says:

    The only thing I can think of is that you’re not skewing in the right direction or by the right amount, or the LNBs are not the right distance apart for the satellites you’re trying to receive.

  71. ryan says:

    I have a 3 lnb holder that came with a bracket to expand it to 5. On the lnb it has 110 in the middle and 119 on the right and 101 on the left(looking from the back of dish). With the bracket installed it leaves room for lnb on far right which i assume is for 91. what sat would an lnb on the far left be able to receive and what would the settings be for this set-up.My location is 49.255 N and -108.09 W.

  72. ryan says:

    forgot to say iam using 18 x 24 eliptical dish

  73. Eddie says:

    Would you please add a mult-lnb for the three astra’s at 28,2E, the 19,2E and 23,5 E?

    Thnx in advance,


  74. Alan says:

    looking from the back of the dish, shouldn’t it be 101 on the right and 119 on the left? Far right would be 91 and far left 129, I guess, as it really depends on the distances between the LNB holders – it could be anything but since these are the most popular satellites, this is my guess. Best is to check with the LNB/dish manufacturer.

  75. Alan says:

    I’ve just added it to the list with 23.5E as the center satellite but just bear in mind that it could be more beneficial to have 28.2E as the center satellite and the other satellites off center since 28.2E is the weakest satellite (in particular Astra2D).

  76. Eddie says:


    Thank you very much Alan. This weekend I will try to install it. I will let it know if or when i have managed to get it right. Thnx again,


  77. rob says:

    Hi Allan

    I am trying to set up to pick up 110 119 91 and 82 .I have a elip dish and lnb holder that can hold 110 101 119 and 91 at far west side facing the dish .I live in cambridge ontario and 91 and 82 are more west on the then 110 or 119 .Which confuses me to no end as the holder is labelled completely reversed with 91 on the far west facing the dish front .Please help with a diagram or pic showing the correct lnb set up .

    Thanks a lot for the sight and the help.


  78. K Mok says:

    just think about 3 dishes side by side. The one in the east (right) facing west, to receive the west side signal. the one on the left must face east to receive the satellite on east. That is why the lnb is reversed, west side lnb receive satellite located in the east.

  79. Alan says:

    K Mok is right. It’s because the signal is reflected from the dish face, the lnbs are reversed. Have you ever played pool? Ball coming from right hits the rail and ends up left. Ball coming from left ends up right – same principle, the rail is the dish and the ball is the signal.

  80. dave says:

    hi alan

    i have 3 lnb im trying to get 91, 110, and 119 on one dish but i cant line them up. i can only find 2 at a time itd 91 and 110 or i get 91 and 119 but cant get all 3 what degree should i have at the back 0f the dish

  81. Ian says:

    i am trying to locate signals on a dish with 4 spots: 1st at far right is 91,2nd is empty, 3rd is 110,and fourth at far left is 119….i’ve try to locate all seperatlly…and i tried your mutli setup settings..but still can’t get anything…i’m at Lat. 43.69 and Long. -79.782 in Brampton Ont. …elev.is 31.2, azimuth is 230 and skew is at 70.1…am i missing something here…any suggestions ? it would be greatly appreciated…

    sorry i forgot to mention sat are 91w, 110w, and 119w….please help !!!

    91w is located on the far west #1, 110w is in the middle #3, and 119w is on the far east #4

  82. Alan says:

    Dave, Ian:
    Sounds like you guys got the same problem. Since the 110W is right on the lnb, you should focus on this one first. Set the skew to zero, i.e. dish is horizontal. Locate 110 by adjusting azimuth and elevation – fine tune to get the best possible signal. Now the dish skew. Remember, you need to skew the dish into the direction of the line, i.e. if the line points to the west, you need to rotate the dish clockwise when standing behind it. Hook up the 91 LNB and start skewing the dish – when you get the signal, start finetuning the elevation. Hook up the 119 LNB and do final fine-tuning of the skew.

    That should be it. Let me know how you get on.

  83. Elizabeth Wood says:

    I’m in Mexico (S.E.) and we have to use 1.2 Meter and 2.4 Meter Dishes. Will these settings work with a DirecTV LNB. I’m using the 2.4 Meter Dish with a dual standard LNB on Echostar 8,10 getting about 297 Channels with my FTA and I want some different channels. I plan on trying my 1.2 Meter dish on Nimiq 1,3 when I get some new cable, this one went thru a hurricane and doesn’t work well, I had it on Echostar 3 but with all the DN downs and duplicate channels I’ve decided to switch. I’m new to all this and no one here is very experienced to try different things. My DirecTV didn’t work with the 1.2 Meter dish so I cancelled it and went with FTA cause Sky TV has very little in English and blocks some networks at certain times, like elections. There are a lot of Canadians, Americans and Europeans on the Yucatan Penisula and in Central America that would appreciate help with the challange. I live at 18.5511N, 88.25111W according to my Earthmate GPS.

  84. Alan says:

    I really don’t know, if you could receive DirecTV from your location. For fringe reception, it’s always best to ask locals who have done it or just try and see. But aligning a 2.4 meter dish is a very difficult task, it’s not something for the novice.

  85. dave says:

    thanks alan i looked for the 110 first and found it then i work from there it makes sence to do it like that thanks again

  86. tom says:

    Hi Alan. do you think if i can have 5 lnb in 1 90in dish : 119(118,8 ) 110 97 91 82 , thank in advance,please add up to multi lnb

  87. onkar says:

    Hi Alan, My questin was answered by reading the posts and using the dishpointer utility. Thank-you.

  88. stace says:

    I am in Los Angeles California and would like to know which satellites are used for Chinese programs?

  89. Lewis Meyer says:


  90. Johnny says:

    Hi, in the multi-lnb list, I am looking at the 82W, 91W, 97W, 110W, 119W selection and it shows a dish skew of 109.3. Is that correct? I thought the dish skew was the average of the highest and lowest skew of the satellites whic is the average of 41.7 (119) and 4.4 (Nimiq2-82) which would equal 23.05. What am I missing? Also, the numbers on the scale of the back of the dish…. are those in 1degree incrememts (assuming those numbers a universal for all dishes). I have an 18×24 elliptical dish. Thanks!

  91. Safdar says:

    Hi ,
    i want to know about skew sitting up that how could i found angle of LNB as i am in islamabad/pakistan i know the direction of elevation and azimuth angle but i could not find skew angle please mexplane me and if u know about any softwares for this purpose let me know


  92. Alan says:

    @91, Safdar:
    The skew is given on my site. The illustrations shows in which direction to rotate the lnb. You don’t need anything else.

  93. Johnny says:

    Thanks for the help earlier Alan. One last question.. you have a multi-lnb setup on your drop-down list for 82W, 91W, 97W, 110W, 119W. Is it possible for me to get this using a 18×24 elliptical dish? If so, do I point the 97W first and then skew/az/el to get the rest? Or is it only possible to get all of these with a 33″ dish?

  94. Domenic says:

    Hi,iwas wondering if someone could tell me if i could pick up eurobird 1 28.2 or 28.5 for sky sports from toronto canada,thanks

  95. Alan says:

    Domenic: No, that’s physically not possible. The satellite is below your horizon (negative elevation)

  96. nu2sat says:

    Great site!

    Keep up the good work!

  97. colific says:

    Hi! Great site! But would it be possible to add the following 5 lnb configuration? 82W,91W,101W(c),110W,119W. Thank you

  98. john oconnell says:

    hi alan just wanted to tell you that your site is very helpfull.I”ve used it alot.I dont want to be rude or anything but your numbers for 91,110,119 for my area where a little off.First my location is latitude -65.112 longitude 48.077 gaspe coast quebec.The numbers you gave were elevation=20.0 skew=117.2 azimuth=233.3,the elevation and azimuth were right on but the skew was 65 degrees.Just wanted to you let know in case somebody needs this information.so keep up the good work.


  99. Alan says:

    @98, John:
    Great to hear that you find the site useful. The skew number is also correct: A skew of 90° means that dish is level (not skewed at all). So, now we have to agree on something: If we skew the dish clockwise, is it greater than 90° or less than that? The problem is that dish manufacturers haven’t agreed on this. With some a clockwise turn is say 100° (90+10) and with other dishes the exactly same clockwise rotation shows up on the dish scale as 80°. You see what I’m getting at. It’s a convention thing.

    Looking at your numbers now: 90 – 65 is 25° that’s by how much you skewed the dish. 90+25 is 115° which is quite near enough my exact 117.2°. Just remember that you always have to skew towards the satellite (i.e. skew clockwise when satellite is west of you – when standing behind the dish and you’re in North America).

    Btw this also explained in the satellite help section.

  100. john oconnell says:

    hi alan i understand what your saying but why when i skewed my dish clockwise i would loose all singnal but when i went counter clockwise i got all them? was it because i was off on the elevation or something because looking at the skew numbers its marking 65 degrees and not 115 like you said. because from my location standing behind the dish skewing the dish towards the sat is counter clockwise. thanks

  101. Kay Ray says:

    I can reach Echo7 but I can’t reach Echo8. Double checked Skew, Elevation and Azimuth for my Zip. No luck

  102. Elizabeth Wood says:

    My settings work fine. I used a sat finder. I get over 300 channels now. I still have heard of people here and further south getting DirecTV though. I’m not exactly a novice, I RVed in the USA and had to always set my DirecTV up on a tripod when we arrived at our campsites. I’m just new to FTA and it wasn’t hard to setup either once I read about it.

  103. Rick James says:

    All the results you guys get sounds great. I would really like to know if they will ever build a T180? If anyone knows please let me know. I am interested in one that would be equivalent to a 1.8 meter dish. Let me know please…….Thanks!

  104. jay says:

    Can you receive dish network 110, 119, 148 or 121 with a direct tv dish and lnb

  105. Alan says:

    @104, Jay: If the satellites are at the same position, then you could use a DirecTV dish.

  106. Derek says:

    Any chance you could add
    28.2e, 19.2e, 16e, & 13e thanks

  107. ken says:

    somewhat new at this, Had the same set up in northern Minnesota, tring the same in edmonton alberta Canada with very little luck, Have multi dish(3lnb) I realize I can get only 1 (110 or 119) all the setting where set and I got 110 then when i tried in edmonton all I get is nimiq 91 but the settings still says 110, am I just that simple and misssing something or what?

  108. Alan says:

    @106, Derek: I’ll add it but you need to tell which LNB sits directly over the lnb arm.

    @107, Ken: Sounds all confusing to me. Just set elevation first. Then focus on the lnb which sits directly over the lnb arm – move the dish so that it points right along the alignment line and try to finetune the alignment. Then connect the other lnb and skew the dish. Maybe do some minor adjustments to elevation and azimuth. Check the third LNB and you’re done.

  109. Derek says:

    sorry should be 16e

  110. Pazzo says:

    Trying to set up d+ dish and multi switch for the first time and having no luck with quality. I have 80% s. but no quality. I tried the settings for my zip and no luck. Any Ideas? Thank You!

  111. Diego says:

    New to this. Have a directtv 18×20 three LNB (built in switch) dish. Trying to capture 110 & 119 on the same dish. Do I need to connect two coax cables or is only one needed? If multi coax needed, do connect them to a diseq switch. Can you help me understand what my dish set-up should look like. Thank you.

  112. Alan says:

    @110, Pazzo: You’ve got the wrong satellite.

    @111, Diego: Not too familiar with that particular dish but if you want to use it with only one receiver, you would run one cable only.

  113. David says:

    i have a dish network (dish with dual lmbs) w119 has 3 places to hook up coax. I’m only wanting to hook up one reciever. 20 foot distance from dish to reciever. Could u please guide me in which direction as far as hooking up my lmbs and what all I need.Another question is how do i recieve 2 satlites what degrees does my dish need to be set on?

  114. Alan says:

    @113, David: I’m not familiar with the North american dishes but maybe someone else can help.

  115. Lucas says:

    Hi Alan. I have a superdish121 which has 110lnb separated from the center lnbs 119/121.
    I am trying to get 91-110-119. Is it possible? If so how? (I am willing to only get 91 and one of the other two if that’s the only option)

    Thank you for your help

  116. Alan says:

    @115, Lucas: No that wouldn’t work straight away as the difference on your original setup is 9 degrees and 91-110 is 19 degrees. If you want all three sats you need three lnbs on your dish all properly spaced apart.

  117. Lucas says:

    Thank you Alan

    Is it possible to get 91 and one of the two (110 or 119)? If so guide me as to which lnb setting to use in the dish pointer.

    If not which how would i get just bev?

  118. Alan says:

    Lucas: Not with the dish you’ve got. You need a different lnb setup – the spacing of the lnbs is key.

  119. homero says:

    nececito saber como acomodar una antena de directv…….azimuth,elevacion y el skew para agarrar el satelite satmex5

  120. Lucas says:

    thanks again Alan. I have a couple more questions
    1.guide me on how to just use my dish for nimiq (which lnb is to be center etc..)
    2.related to ur previous answer can I move the free lnb and attach it to the others so they can all be 9deg appart?

    thanks in advance

  121. Alan says:

    @120, Lucas:
    1. just connect your receiver to the lnb directly over the lnb arm and point it at Nimiq
    2. yes, if it’s mechanically possible. Look at the difference in azimuth for your location for satellite you want to receive – that’s by how many degrees the lnb’s should be apart. But remember that everything is mirrored on the dish so the most eastern satellite is the most western lnb on your dish. There are also special brackets available – check out the shops on the front page of my site.

  122. buck says:

    i have a 36 inch ariza elliptical i am at 49.2635 -122.9881
    1. can i put 110 in center
    2. if i stand behind the dish and 110 is on center. would 91 be 19 degrees to the west on the lnb arm, and 119 at 9 degrees to the east side of lnb arm.
    Your site is great for a first time sattelite user like myself.

  123. Lucas says:
  124. Alan says:

    @122, buck: correct, the lnb for 91 would be west and for 119 east when you stand behind the dish. But the difference in degrees is also roughly right but if you’d take the difference in azimuth than that would be correct.

  125. George says:

    Can you add the new Dish Network 1000.4 using 61.5,72.5 and 77 w to your calculator.

  126. Fetman says:

    my reciever shows signal but no not quality; I have a view sonic reciever and a lnb 500 plus with dish 500. My dish is pointing SE-219az what am I doing wrong; and how do I correct this situation? Thanks

  127. Dave says:

    I have a 30 inch dish which only adjusts side to side and up and down. It will not skew (turn clockwise or counter clockwise)

    I have 3 lnb’s that need to be focused on Sat 91 110 and 119.
    Can I use your skew info to turn these lnb’s to 91 and 119 and have the middle lnb (and dish) pointed directly to 110?


  128. Alan says:

    @125, George: As soon as I get to it.
    @127, Dave: If your dish doesn’t skew, you will need to adjust the heights of the lnbs.

  129. findy says:

    hi,great webpage congrats,hi i got the 5 lnb bracket ,wondering if i can put my dishplus lnb on a 33″ eliptical dish to get 82,91,110,119

  130. findy says:

    where should a put them ,because it tells me 82 and 91 on the right and 110 ,119 on the left

  131. Bernard Oliver says:

    I recently purchased a 1000.4 dish and am confused about the skew setting. checking on the internet I get about as many answers as I made inquires. Also the dealer where i purchased the dish said he had set the skew, but the dish was rotated to the left, (counterclockwise) and all the other dishes i see in my area are rotated to the right. Any help you could give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks much, Bernie Oh other imformation you may need, I live in the state of Michigan in the north east part of the USA.. thanks again

  132. Alan says:

    just hover with your mouse over the word dish skew after selecting 1000.4 from the multi-lnb list. It will show you exactly how to turn the dish.

  133. bello says:

    Hi great help,great site………………just wanted to let you know southern ontario canada is incorrect for skew…………connecting 4 birds 82,91,empty center or 101 110,119 eliptical dish.
    skew you recomend is 106.0 the correct skew is 69.5 or 70.5.thanks keep it up Alan

  134. Alan says:

    bello, when you hover with your mouse over the word dish skew it says something like “depending on the dish, the scale could read 180 minus the value here”, i.e. 180-106=74 but the skew is always in the direction shown by the arrows.

  135. Carlos Leopold says:


    Please where I can find your imput about how to set a 30 inches dish with a multi feed lnb (3 lnb)?

  136. rob says:

    I was wondering if you could add 97,110,119 and 129, which is g25 and the 3 dish network satellites, and i was wondering if anyone has done this, and if i can use my dish 1000 dish with an extra lnb for the 97, and where could i find the proper holder. i already get the 3 dish network sats. great site. thanks.

  137. George says:

    Reference to the Multi-LNB Dish for the 97.0 West, I have a Satellite signal but I do not have Audio or Picture & how I can get the Dishpointer

  138. Dario says:

    hi there
    my location is Latitude: 12.1939° Longitude: -69.0032°
    i have a multi lmb elleptical dish for catching 91-110-119 satellite but i can’t use it in my area

    but can i still use it to catch another satellite in my area like 61.0 w amazon , 61.5w echostar3 ?
    thats the best sat in my area.
    so how do i do that with the bracket and the multi lmb?
    can i use one lmb on the elleptical dish?

    thank you in advance.

  139. flynfish says:

    I have 2 – 6 foot dishes, pointed at 110 and the other at 119.

    Is it possible to get both DN and DTV signals? do I need lnbs for each separately.

    DTV box is looking for 101?

    I have subscriptions to both services and am trying to be able to use both types of boxes througout house .

    Or should I re aim to 101 and 119 for DTV only, it has NFL package that I want

  140. Mugogo says:

    Hi guys…i live in oklahoma and i’m trying to find a satellite which carries m-net/supersports channels that i can point to from US…any one help…thanks

  141. mark says:

    Just got back from Los Angeles to Toronto with a Direct Tv reciever which it is an additional box from my brother’s existing plan in Los Angeles. I already activiated back in LA. Please advise what is the best way to set this up in my Toronto Area?
    I currently have a 18×24 dish pointing to 110 and 119 with a switcher which I previously used it for dishnetwork.

    Please advise if I can use this dish to setup my direct tv box?
    note: I’ve tried to set it up on the DT reciever but no luck of finding any signal.

    Please help….

  142. Dave Ellam says:

    I have purchased a motor and dual LNB (Circular and linear) I am trying to locate true FTA satellite4s EG 97W but I am having major problems in aiming the dish to locate the proper arc and the LNB settings for the various satellites. Any help that you can give will be appreciated.

  143. levi says:

    need help please. i am a total amature at this, try to set up the direct tv 3 lnb dish. i live in mudare alberta which is just outside edmonton. alll i have bben able to get is 101. from what i understand the local channels and the hd are on other sats. does anyone know where i can find the info about the dish pointing directions?

  144. taimor says:

    i am in pakistan faisalabad city, having 6feet dish,nokia 9650 receiver,need to set point of dish to different degrees like hotbird 13E, please send me location setting,or picture of dish which is set to 13E.

  145. Baiju antony says:

    How can i get hotbird 13°E eurobird 28.5°E in Italy

  146. jake says:

    awsome site, great information. keep up the great job!!! thanks. Jake.

  147. alberto says:

    can i have the name of the satellite sky mexico uses? and can you please included on your satellite listing .thanks

  148. Helder says:

    Would be great to have


    Im using an elliptical with a &X bracket:

  149. Al Barone says:

    I just recently purchased a Dish Network TurboHD dish 1000.4. The instructions given were to connect to the left hand connector,pole # 1. When doing the dish pointing menu there weren’t any reading given for the aziuth,elev&skew. There were three dishes available on the menu, 500,300& super dish. Setting300 would given two readings,but not the skew setting. Confused. The skew setting we got for Pa. was 86. We are now in Florida. I went to DishNetwork web site and they only showed co-ordinates for Dish 500 & 300. How do I go about getting the necessary info when using TurboHD dish1000.4.

  150. Alan says:

    Al, please post your question on satelliteguys.us on the DN section – lots of helpful people there. I’m over the pond here and not too familiar with the receivers and dishes in North America.