Some users pointed out quite rightly that there is a bit of an information overflow with the huge list of satellites. To ease the selection, I have just added a list of popular satellites which wholly depends on the address you put in. Quite interesting to see which satellites are being watched in which country (just type in a few country names – the list is updated dynamically, thanks to Ajax) and see for yourself. Just a note, there might be a one or two false ones in the lists as I have not verified everything yet. But overall it should be right.
2 Responses to “Popular Satellites”
  1. Bukhosi Nkomo says:

    I would like to see all the channels which the southern Africa is capable of watching which are free and the satellites which i using is c band and ku band please help us out we need know whats happenig around the world so that we can be updated with everything can help us by posting out the frequences and position to set our satellites thank you .

  2. Alan says:

    Enter your address and then click on the satellites tab underneath the map. That will show you all the satellites you can receive from your location together with the required dish size (approximately). Then select the satellite in the dropdown box above the map and click on the channels tab, now you will see all teh frequencies.