For no apparent reason, the little overview map caused a problem with DishPointer today. I guess Google changed some of its code breaking my own code. So, the overview map had to go, at least for now, and everything is working fine again. Thanks to all those who pointed out the problem.
3 Responses to “Problem solved”
  1. Robinson says:

    How does the satellite dish be pointting? Is it south or South/West? how do I read a Compass? thank you for your time and help?

  2. Pavel says:

    I am very happy that there are people interested in this sort of things. You helped me alot, actually u helped me this way that i didn’t even need a compass to point my dish. There is one little thing that embarassed me all the time – my dishpointer stand wasn’t absolutely vertikal, but slightly pointing -east(about 15o – actually it is too myuch) that’s why LNB skew habve to be different, actually LNB skew comopensates this( stand pointing easet, skew- west and the oppsite. when u have some numbers given for the LNB skew, you have to make som calculations to get to the one skew that you need) if the stand is vertical then u can use the information given on that website) Actuaclly the pointer is working amazingly precise. Well done to all the team. U’ll recieve a small donation from me if i manage to find how :D .

    Well Done all!
    Pavel DImov.

  3. Alan says:


    Many thanks for kind words and the donation, much appreciated.


    p.s The donation button is on my blog in the sidebar.