There has been a major addition to the site. For each location, not only the available satellites (i.e. the ones above the horizon) are shown but also the required dish size based on the footprint and the relevant EIRPs together with the number of TV, radio, and data channels. The dish size depends on the geographic location of the user and is calculated individually for each location. In addition, all channels for a given satellite are displayed together with the footprints and the required dish size. All channel information are courtesy of SatcoDX. This is all beta at the moment. I know that channels from major Pay-TV operators (such as DirecTV or Dish network) are missing and will work within the next few weeks to tweak everything a bit. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.
13 Responses to “Satellites, Channels, Footprints & Dish Sizes”
  1. Joe Wilson says:

    This whole site is awesome. Thanks for the work.
    Just one question about the dish sizes. I am
    setting up an 18″ dish right now and I understand
    it can get some dish and bev birds. However,
    when I convert 20″ to centimeters I get
    50.8 cm. The dish size for Dish shows
    75 cm. Can you please advise on this

  2. Alan says:

    the dish sizes here are more on the safe side. The footprints are the ones provided by the satellite operators and they are not that accurate and sometimes even “adjusted” for political reasons. If you are well within the footprint, the provided dish size should be ok (wouldn’t go much smaller than that) but if you’re nearer the edge of the shown footprints, it could well be that you can get away with a smaller dish.

  3. Custodio Vieira says:


    I am staying in Al Hail close to seeb international airport. Pl let me know which sattelites are availables, size of the antennas and lnb required to view these antennas


  4. Alan says:


    just click on the satellites tab underneath the map. There you will find all the satellites you can receive at your location together with the required dish sizes.


  5. yousif says:

    are these dish settings applyed on motorized dish or the fixed ones only?
    i mean these Elevation, Azimuth and skewdoes it works with motorized systems or not?
    thank you for your great efforts.

  6. Alan says:

    of course, the data is also valid for motorized systems but what’s missing is the declination value for the motor. I will include this in due course.

  7. yousif says:

    thanks a lot, you are the best.

  8. richard says:

    hi i have eleptical dish and i want to get 82 91 110 119 im in montreal

  9. lc says:

    Hi! I want to use Nilesat; but I actually have got only 60cm dish. I am on location, Long/La(-0.146; 51.449).
    Could you advise me the size of dish I need, please? Thank you.

  10. Alan says:

    just click on the satellites tab underneath the map, that will tell you roughly what dish size you need.

  11. rodgers says:

    love this site very easy to use just wish i could zoom in closer but it works fine

  12. SATISH PATEL says:

    please send me footprint of nss703 satellite in nairobi,east acfrica

  13. viju menon says:

    hi, is any of the following dish tv companies from india has footprints in nigeria? dish tv, sun tv, tatasky