We broke the 1 Million barrier last month. In total, 325,000 users made 1,094,016 dish pointing requests (on this site and the widgets combined) in December breaking all the previous records. This is fantastic but also came as a surprise to me. In order to keep up with the demand, I’m upgrading to a brand new server which should handle this sort of load quite easily. So over the next two days the migration should happen, hopefully without any or minimal disruption to the service. So, a big thank you and welcome to every visitor.
2 Responses to “1Mill Requests and a New Server”
  1. Alan says:

    The server migration went well without any major glitches and is hopefully now complete. Should you notice any odd things, let me know.

  2. ron. says:

    wow 1 million and growing I hope the new server is large enough ,fta is still growing , with this growth comes more questions and directional help, I have played around with fta for over 3 years now and still need the help that you can supply—thanks