Freesat UK launched today offering free channels, including BBC HD and the exclusive ITV HD. Here is a quick guide on a self-installation to get Freesat using DishPointer:

Assuming you’ve got all the equipment together, go to the main page and enter you house number, street address and postcode (note that the second part of the postcode will be omitted).

A satellite image of your house should pop up. Now choose 28.2E Astra from the satellite drop down box. This the satellite Freesat is broadcast from.

Now move the marker to the location where your satellite dish is.

Find a landmark along the alignment line.

Now go to your dish and point it right at that landmark. Then slowly adjust the elevation. Bear in mind that the quoted elevation is the elevation of the signal but due to the reflective nature of the offset dish, the elevation of the dish is about 25° less (e.g. if the elevation is 25° the dish face would be horizontal, if the elevation is even less, the dish would be pointing downwards).

If you selected the right channel from your Freesat receiver, you should be able to to see a picture now.

13 Responses to “Freesat Self-Installation”
  1. Peter Hudson says:

    Well done, a terrific site, got my location sorted, but can not receive 2D.

  2. D.L.OBRIEN says:

    very usefull in as it is clear and step by step. but most of all a person can use this information to point a dish to any satellite. thank you

  3. julio guevara says:

    I need to know how to set the azimut for dish installation

  4. Bo says:

    I have Dish 500, I want how to installation EchoStar3 61.5 W .hell !!

  5. Alternatives to DVB-T in the UK says:

    [...] the likely event that we decide to go for Freesat, the cheapest solution would be to do a complete self-install. However the easiest solution would be to pay for installation of a single-room service. We will [...]

  6. miguel says:

    can i use dish network lnb’s on a direct tv dish to get nimiq 82 and nimiq 91 sattellites

  7. R Parker says:

    Your installation instructions should state that ‘dish face would be vertical’ NOT horizontal.

    Alternatively, dish AXIS is horizontal.

  8. c thomas says:

    Hi there im hoping somebody can please help me out or advise me on whats best at present i had sky in both rooms the living room and the kitchen but i have now installed freesat myself and no problem for the main room being the living room of course the problem i have now is i cannot get any picture or signal for the kitchen and im not sure if i have missed something or id need somebody out for this job or can you do this the same as i did with sky before i only had the one box but could watch in both rooms etc any help or advice appreciated.

  9. Brian says:

    I have cancelled Sky+HD and just purchased a Humax Freesat HD PVR box.

    All works fine…except

    When I record on one channnel I cannot change channels to watch another program except for BBC1 this one seems to work fine.

    I have twin LMB…it worked fine on sky.

    Any suggestions please?


  10. Steve says:

    If your dish was originally set up for Sky it should be fine, When you first set it up did you connect both Antenna cables before doing the installation wizard? If you didn’t the box will only recognize that you have one dish connected, you will need to do a reset of the Box using one of the menu options, it will erase any programme recordings you have set up, not any recordings you have, and then it will reset and you can go from the initial installation again. The box will then recognize both LNB feeds. you will see during the initial recognition process that both LNB feeds have been found.
    This should sort your problem.

  11. Chris says:

    I have a Tevion mini satellite system but want to use it to receive Freesat. It this possible without buying a Freesat box?

    Regards Chris

  12. juan ramirez says:

    hola quisiera saber si con una del super dish puedo tomar el sat 123r o q sat puedo agarrar con esta antena ,gracias y q orientacion requiero

  13. TERRY says:

    TV recection is fine, (signal around 90+%. quality around 60%). Problem is with CLASSIC FM – RADIO channel No.721 (there may be others). Signal level 84% to 86%, but quality around 28% with serious ‘Drop outs’, particularly in inclement weather. Can you help????