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I had my hands on Apple’s new 3G iPhone today and did some dish pointing tests with it. I must say it works brilliantly. First, DishPointer loads up pretty fast on the 3G iPhone – providing you have the right (and unlimited) data tariff with your provider. Then all the DishPointer functions work as they should be, e.g. the map loads up, you can enter your address, the line is drawn, you can zoom in and out, etc. Just dragging the marker doesn’t work as the Iphone starts moving the whole page around. But I’ll see if there is a workaround for this.

Anyone who counts himself lucky to own this great iPhone 3G can use it now as a mobile satellite finder. I can see this being very usefull in particular for satellite installers and mobile uplink operators.

The disadvantage is that the IPhone is a bit pricey. And currently there are not many alternatives to run DishPointer on a handheld/PDA as most of the mobile browsers don’t support all the Javascript and Ajax functions to make the map work. But that’s maybe about to change as the new Opera Mobile 9.5 browser promises many new features – we will see when it comes out this month.

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  2. Gordon says:

    Re. just dragging the marker around causes whole page to move. The same thing sometimes happens on my laptop while in satellite view so may not be a fault with iPhone 3G. Dragging in map view to correct location then changing to satellite view always seems to work.

  3. jose mendez says:

    yo instalo antenas y me srviria mucho gracias

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    [...] DishPointer si può utilizzare anche su Google Earth dove si possono sfruttare anche le mappe 3D ed è compatibile anche con l’iPhone. [...]

  6. mario says:

    what side of satellite dish i need to set up 58w in zp 60506?

  7. doug says:

    i would like the dishpointer on my i phone, but where do i find it?

  8. Alan says:

    You just open in your iPhone browser…that’s it.

  9. Sam says:

    Will it work on the new Blackberry Storm??

  10. tak says:

    Well dishpointer work on my blackberry curve

  11. croco says:

    anyone tried this with nokia 6210? compass and gps works brilliant with google maps for mobile but doesn’t work on :( you have to set your location manually.

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  13. Luciano says:

    Gostaria de solicitar esse produto de localizador de Satelite Digital…. como eu faço para comprar


  14. manu fan says:
  15. Rod Martel says:

    Now with version 3 of the iPhone software and now the release of the iPhone 3G S. It would be nice for someone to write an iPhone App. AND yes I would buy it!

  16. Alan says:


    The apps have been written and submitted to Apple and are awaiting approval. Hopefully in the next few days the two apps

    DishPointer Maps
    DishPointer Line of Sight

    will be available. What you can get already from the iTunes store is the

    DishPointer Compass

    app for thee new iPhone 3GS. Just wheel the iPhone it tells you which satellite you are facing. Very simple and effective.

    Click on the link above or search the iTunes App store for DishPointer and you should see all the iPhone apps which are released

  17. Alia says: