I have just added a new section for technical satellite help and general usage of the DishPointer site. I hope this will help fixing satellite problems or satellite reception issues. Over the time, the section shoud hopefully expand a bit more.
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  1. Hadi says:

    i’ve a question and i hope you can help me.I live in Tehran/Iran.I just wanted to know if I could receive the Astra Sat(19.2′) here via a 90cm dish?
    Thanks a lot

  2. Alan says:

    Click on the satellites tab underneath the map – that will tell you which satellites and transponders you can receive and what dish size you need. Just bear in mind that the quoted dish size is only a rough guide, especially when it comes to fringe reception. Best is to see what dish size someone local is using.

  3. sani adamu says:

    i live in Nigeria [lagos] can i receive Arabat C-band in lagos and what size of dish is required.
    which satellite channels can i receive on the West using a 90cm dish ku band on the free to Air belt.

  4. Freddy Deschacht says:

    I try tho stet a disch in Tenerife for astra 23.5 wath wil bie the minimun diameter ?

  5. Brian Smith says:

    Hi I new and trying to set up for the first time my WaveFrontier T-90 ((36-38 inch)) Toroidal Dual Reflector Multi-Beam Satellite Antenna. I have a fixed multi (3)-LNB system and need help on the direction i face my dish i live in Saskatoon Latitude: 52.129 degrees and Longitude: -106.670 degrees. I only have adjustment to Elevation, Azimuth, and LNB Skew and would like to set up for Nimiq 1 91.0 W Satellite and possibly 2 others to fill my 3 LNB’s. I am totally lost and need a simple direction on the how to for dummies. Thank You Brian

  6. Tom Leibold says:

    Please help new dumb guy. I have a Pansat 9200hd receiver, DiSEqC 2100 motor same as Motek 2100.
    My Latitude: 40.727° and Longitude: -73.532°.. Pole mount plumb, now should I set the 1st satellite on center of north america for my location from satellite arc which is AMC 15 at 105′ degrees and not the true south satellite which is Galaxy 17 at 74′ degrees on the East end, and Galaxy 27 at 129′ degrees at the West end. Would AMC 15 be the center satellite making a motor arc for east & west locate eaiser, or should I use as the My true south satellite Galaxy 17 and where should the motor degree start at center 0 or the most eastern limit. I’m getting different story from people at tech supports. making me lost! please help. Thank Tom

  7. Alan says:

    Your true south satellite would be 73.532W (your longitude) which is near enough Galaxy 17 at 74W. When the motor is at zero position, your dish should point at this satellite. If you set the motor and dish elevation correctly, all other satellites will follow automatically.

  8. Tom Leibold says:

    thanks, its just too damm cold to go on the roof now.

  9. Barry says:

    Hi Alan,

    ChinaSat 6B/C at 115.5 east. the dish size isn’t posted. I’m in Chicago area. the elevation is -48.9
    Do you think we can receive their signal? lat: 41.824 and long: -87.829. azimuth(true) 147.1

  10. Alan says:

    If the elevation is negative, it’s physically not possible to receive that satellite.

  11. wayne says:

    Hey there Alan
    I’m trying to set up a dish for a friend that lives in the halifax NS area, to get 82.0W nimiq 2. I have the elevation set at 35.1 and the azimuth(magn) set at 224.6. I hooked up a signal meter to the dish and with some fine tuning it shows i’m getting pretty good signal, but when i check the receiver in the house it is showing 0% . I tried running new wire thinking that may be the problem , but still no luck. I have what I think is an 18″ dish with 2 lnb capabilities, but currrently i have only 1 lnb mounted. any idea what i’m doing wrong???

  12. Alan says:

    Difficult to tell. Checking the cable and the connections is certainly the first step. It’s also possible that you aligned your dish to the ‘wrong’ satellite.

  13. Gerrie says:


    I’m new to this site. I need helps on my new Captain FTA receiver. I just bought a new Echo Star dish and the satellite finder. installed the new dish with the satellite finder but the picture quality is not strong or over %10. Is there anything I need to do to set it the up correctly?


  14. help for nimic 82 and nimic 91 eliptical dish says:

    help for nimic 82 and nimic 91 eliptical dish, what azimuth and elivation and how to adjust skew on dish means how much turning dish on its axis and which direction.

  15. Andrew Mitchell says:

    I have a optical dish for star choice and was told I could use this dish to pick up Dishnet and Bell Express-vue at the same time if I pointed it in the right direction. Is this true.

    This is my address

    Latitude: 46.313°
    Longitude: -79.467°

    Satellite: 91.0W Nimiq 1
    Elevation: 35.5°
    Azimuth (true): 195.8°
    Azimuth (magn.): 207.5°
    LNB skew: 10.8°

  16. Alan says:

    If the dish size is right and you’ve got the right LNB, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick up the channels from a particular satellite.

  17. Cliff says:

    awesome info Alan

    just curious if it is possible to see the channel number in the channel tab? If I look at Nimiq1 for example and then the Channel tab then I see a Package and Channel columns but it has the same info (CBC-L, A-LON, MTV, etc) without any numbers…

  18. TALHA says:

    Latitude: 25.230°
    Longitude: 55.280° PLS REPLY THANKS!

  19. Alan says:

    Click on the satellites tab underneath the map.

    They don’t come with channel numbers. With FTA you assign them yourself.

  20. regis walters says:

    I bought a FTA dish…Latitude 40.607…longatude 77.863…azimuth true 199.7…magn 210.5…satellite elev. 39.7…satellite position 97.00…..my question is do I start by placing my dish facing south? The way my house is do I mount the dish on the east side of the house or mount the dish on the west side of the house….that is my stumbling block to start with. I would appreciate your help so I don’t drill holes on the wrong side of the house and then have to reside it……thank you ahead for your answer…I live in Lilly, Pennsylvania……..bibletrivia

  21. Alan says:

    @20, regis: That’s what the alignment line is for. Is there not satellite image of your house? Even if not, the line shows you where to point your dish.

  22. Daniel Ramirez says:

    Alan 15 years Ago Skyvision gave my imformation on check & Aiming Data to help me install my satelitte,
    I live in High Rolls NM and they told me my that my Latitude was 33 degrees and Longitude was 106 degrees
    And my highest Satelitte at that time was Galaxy 6 wich was 74 degrees w. And now that Satellite is gone. How can I now determend wich way is true south my last Satellite is W6/K6 at 72 degrees w. Is that close enough? thank you, Daniel Ramirez.

  23. Alan says:

    Daniel: Your highest satellite and therefore your true south satellite would be at the same level with your longitude, so 106W. Looking at the satellite list the closest is AMC 15 at 105W.

  24. olaniyi says:

    Alan, Pls, can you show the connection of tripple feeder LNBs? I don’t know If made a mistake on my own. Secondly, is that what they call universal? or OCS? When I put my settings on universal, the red level bar that i have (92%) changes to 0%, and never receive any green or sig. quality at all. My position is 39deg. N. and 77deg. W., Germantown, MD USA. I am really crying in my hearth becs thier’s nobody to help. I have a satlink fta receiver and a diamond 9000HD too; also, i have that cheap sat signal finder, but could not achieve anything. They are perfectly okay; the only bottleneck is this crazy sat. signal findings.

  25. Rolly says:

    I would like to know the direction of Agila 2 satallite frequency, elevation, dish direction,
    coz i hav hard time to position my satalite dish. thank you for help in advance.

  26. Rolly says:

    I have additional question, can i use my reciever which i bought in Bahrain, Starsat (trade name) which is Agila 2 is included. I am using universal LNB, can you give me the LNB skew dish elevtion, and position.


  27. Rolly says:

    i’m residing here in philippines.

  28. olaniyi says:

    Alan, in addition to my previous question above, Is it possible to have more than one TP parameters loaded in your receiver? Take for example, I am trying to hook up Galaxy 25 with 4 TPs namely:
    1. TP 9, freq. 11898, Vertical polar., SR 22000
    2. TP 14, freq. 11966, Horiz. polar., SR 22000
    3. TP 16, freq. 11999, Horz. polar., SR 20000
    4. TP 27, freq. 12177, Vert. polar., SR 23000
    if it’s possible, can you expanciate on this more and how do I do it…
    Ola, USA

  29. Alan says:

    @Rolly: All the settings are on the front page of my site!? Just enter you location and pick the satellite.

    @olaniyi: Sure you can enter different TPs into your receiver – either manually or by doing a scan, check manual of your receiver.

  30. tetyong says:

    Hello Alan, I reside in Long Beach, Ca 90804. I’m having trouble setting up my Wave Frontier T55 i’m trying to get all the 91W/ 110W/ 119W i think they we’re echo star or something & have 3 LNB. If I’m missing any info please reply back asap thank you.

  31. Alan says:
  32. George says:

    What is the maximum cable length between dish and receiver for good reception?
    Which cable gives the least loss?

  33. Alan says:

    George: After 20m the signal starts to deteriorate. Go for a sky approved cable.

  34. peter vaughan says:

    I live in mainland Denmark on the east coast. How do I get free satellite television? Can I get bbc etc and if so how? Any advice would be a great help thanks

  35. Albano says:

    i leave in central Mozambique.Do the satellites footprints of BADR 1,2,3,4,Nile sat101,102 and Astra cover my region?

  36. asifusman says:

    hello sir,
    i am asif with you from dubai sir please i want to know that what is LNB 5150 and 5750 can you help me for that.
    thank you very much sir.

  37. Alan says:

    I have no idea.

  38. Patricia says:

    I am trying to set up a dish with 3 lnb’s. 91, 110 and 119. I have the dish aimed at 119 and the signal is great above 85%. I can get 110 also, but not at the same time as 119. I was told that it is because I have the dish aimed wrong. And that it is bouncing off of something for me to get 110 or 119, cause the dish is aimed wrong. Is it even possible to have the signal bouncing off of something and then hitting my dish? When i put my location in it shows that I am pointing in the right direction.

  39. Alan says:

    I guess you’ve aimed it wront too. What you gotta do is connect the middle lnb which sits directly over the lnb arm to the receiver and then aim for that satellite. Once you’ve got that in, you’ll get the other satellites by skewing the dish and doing very minor adjustments to elevation and azimuth settings.
    At the moment, you probably pick up the sats with the “wrong” lnbs (e.g. the lnb for 119 is picking up 110, etc.).

  40. Adil Chikhi says:

    Is it possible to receive Astra 1 at 19.2E signal from Bahrain.

    Many thanks

  41. fermin perez says:

    Hello from san antonio texas,my question I have C -band dish set a my backyard,I cant,t find the signal for my satellite 97.0 west ,I have another dish for fta 30″ I have whole chanels,is diferent the elevation and the Azim.between c-band and fta sistems.the C-band actuator travel from east to west and west to east, my actuator travel only from west to center of the dish,or east to center.thankyou for you help.Fermin Perez

  42. gary aguilera says:

    i have a 34 inches dish.. what i wanna know is… can i point to galaxy 3c from where i live….
    miami beach 33141