Fortec Star FTA Receiver Here is another chance for you to win a great satellite product. Our sponsor Sadoun is giving away one Fortec Star Classic NA FTA Satellite Receiver worth $99.00. 1st place winner: Grand prize winner will receive the Fortec Star Liftetime Classic NA Digital Free to Air Blind Search Satellite Receiver. So how do you enter to win? Easy! Simply post a comment at the bottom of this message and say “I want to win!”, followed by whatever random banter you wish to include. Be creative, be silly, be serious, tell a fun story.. whatever. Just post something – the more positive and entertaining the better! At the end of March 16, 2008, the winner will be selected “randomly” and notified by email. Rules:
  • Limited to residents of Continental United States and Canada
  • Must be at least 21 years of age to enter
  • One entry per family/residence for each item
  • Multiple submissions automatically disqualified
  • Officers and employees, including their relatives, of Sadoun Satellite Sales are not eligible for entry.
  • Deadline: March 16, 2008 – 20:00 UTC.
  • Entrants agree by act of registration to permit their name to be posted on this site if they are chosen as the winner.
  • Winning entry selected at random. Odds of winning varies dependant upon number of entries. This is a free drawing. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law.
  • Winner notified via email. Make sure your email is correct. If a selected winner is ineligible, fails to claim a prize within 7 days no alternate winner will be selected.
  • Incomplete entries or entries with errors will not be processed. Entries submitted after deadline will be disqualified.
Good Luck! Alan **The competition is closed now** The winner is #95 Chris. Congratulations! You will receive an email shortly asking for you postal address.
124 Responses to “Win a Fortec Star FTA Receiver – Ends 16/03 – closed”
  1. Wendell Stanley says:

    I want to win…

    I found dish pointer by accident, but it has been very useful, amazing site…. keep up the good work


  2. Thomas Warner says:

    I want to win!

    This site is great I have forward a link to everyone I know that could use it and since we are in the business of satellites. Those I have sent it to have used it often.


  3. bozorgmehr a.kashani says:

    I WANT TO WIN,yes babe ,i am waiting don’t hesitate,I AM THE MAN !
    thank for chance

  4. Rob says:

    I want to win!

    Great site.I use it weekly for my fta fun.

  5. Carlton Armstead says:

    I want to win

    Ask not what Fortec can do for me, But what i can do for Fortec

    Go FTA !!!!!!!!!

  6. Mauro Pelo' says:

    This site I just discovered is just great and very helpful… I want to win

  7. Ray Ziegler says:

    I want to win
    I’d love to win a Fortec, They are a top line STB

  8. Robert J. says:

    I want to win!

    Please, I like winning things!!

  9. Kevin Morrissey says:

    What is really cool is the updated pictures on the map. I zoom right in and see my pool with the disk pointing calculator

  10. jchen says:

    It’s so great that it work for Canada address also. Calculating tools on Internet used to work with US address only. Now it is a one stop calculating that inputing a Canadian address and clicking go, you will get all info you need!

  11. Justine Storey says:

    I want to win
    I was showing a buddy where I lived

  12. Paulo Valerio says:

    Aim a lot of dishes/receivers at AMC4 for Adventists TV needs and above all for quality and ease is the Fortec. If someone asks for my free services and I here they have is the Fortec, I’m real happy for them and me!

  13. lam kha says:

    this is a fantasty sit i love that orange dot and blue line if you read that compass tru south and follow blue line point to and check elevation that it the sat i looking for so easy

  14. anuj panwar says:

    dish pointer is the best site for all who want to track satellite receiver.
    i found this site for tracking an antenna(8 feet) for inset-4a c band.
    this site give me full sport

  15. Kevin Eisler says:

    Absolutely great website. Tripped over it looking for info on FTA. Keep on keepin on !!!

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  16. Kevin Eisler says:

    I want to win…….. !!

  17. Dean McIntyre says:

    Count me in. Very helpful site.

  18. help for nimic 82 and nimic 91 eliptical dish says:

    I like this web site very much

  19. M MacNeill says:

    great site, I also like the fact that you can input Canadian address and in major centres zoom right in on your house.

  20. Tony Goforth says:

    I want to win…….nice website!!!!!!!!!

  21. A. Dion says:

    This site I just discovered is just great and very helpful… I want to win

  22. Joe Ramirez says:

    There is not other place like this to track satellite receiver is greate and helpful.
    Yes, I want to win the Fortec.

  23. henry says:

    i want to win… hm… i wonder if i can.

  24. Michael says:

    I want to win!

    I found in tele-satellit magazin. Nice tool !

  25. RAJEEVAN.K says:

    i adjust dish using ,very much helpfull

  26. Jody R says:

    I WANT TO WIN a second receiver would be great then i can watch what ever i want when i want with no fighting over the remote.

  27. Ahmath Ly says:
  28. Justin Luyt says:

    I want to win!

    I love my Forec Star Dish with my SV-4000!

  29. keith D says:

    We found you by chance when I got the computer working , that went wrong too . You don’t do them as prizes as well do you ?

    The TV ,it worked when we arrived , Then it got windy and rained and stopped working full time and retired !! I told it Iwas the one who’s retired still it don’t work ! Now the wife’s talking about leaving I can’t do with that. She needs to stay for the chickens sake !! So please help and make both the TV work and me and the Chickens happy by letting us WIN !!


  30. Edwine M. Gray says:
  31. Frank Andres says:

    I found the site just surfing for info re satallite info. Found it useful. Sure would like to WIN.

  32. Edwine M. Gray says:
  33. Steve says:

    I want to win!

    This site is brilliant.

    Without it I seriously doubt that this newbie would still be watching Satellite TV.
    Before finding dishpointer I was the one outside the front window gazing blankly at the sky.
    After finding dishpointer I was the one inside the front window gazing blankly at Sky.
    So much to choose and so little to enjoy!! What’s next?

  34. SJ (Steve) Kohutek says:

    It would be woderful to maybe finally win something. Especiallt a Fortec FTA Satellite Receiver.

  35. » Free FTA Receiver says:

    [...] all the US and Canadian visitors, here is your chance to win a FTA Receiver. I’m running a competition on my satellite calculator website – you just need to drop a line [...]

  36. Fernando Parada says:


    This page is a grate tool for those who don’t have a clue about FTA

  37. NELSON RAMIREZ says:


  38. i wanna win the fta reciever says:

    used this site to aim 2 satelites dish”s n workin on 3rd today.i got viewsat ultra 2000 n lookin at gettin different kind next

  39. i wanna win the fta reciever says:

    used this site mannnny times,very useful

  40. chris mcgrath:i wanna win the fta reciever says:

    used site alot,,,,,,verrrry useful

  41. Louis P says:

    I Want To Win.

    Great Site

    “Even a monkey falls out of a tree once in a while”

  42. pplui says:

    I want to win!
    Great site, the best that i found.
    I recommend it to everyone!!!!

  43. Jorge says:

    I want to win!
    I want to explorer the satellite´sky. Thanks for your haid.

  44. Swedish Chef says:

    Dooo ba disky do, de ber a dish doo ba do Mork Mork Mork!

  45. George says:

    ya just let me win, and i’ll be a happy happy man.

  46. George says:

    I want to win!
    Ya that too.

  47. Randy says:

    I want to win!!!
    I’m a first timer with the satellites and eager to figure it out.


  48. Justin M says:

    “I want to win!”, followed by whatever random banter you wish to include. LOL that is what is says to say!

  49. Neirret says:

    I want to win! and the DishPointer is brilliant.. saved me a ton of work!! Now if it had some cowbell !!!

  50. Cor says:

    I want to win
    because when i win my hollyday is than compleet

  51. NormandG says:


    Keep up the good work, your site was recommended by a friend and it was very helpfull to install my dish.

  52. trosales says:



  53. Dennis says:

    “I want to win” Cause I’ve never won anything in my life & I want to before it’s too late. I’m 98 yrs old.

  54. VMH says:

    I want to win !!

    An awesome website. I was a total newbie when I decided to do things on my own, this site saved me.

  55. Rob says:

    I want to win!

    This would make a great addition to my equipment list.

  56. ron.gibson says:

    great site ,only wish i had found it 3 years ago! keep-up the good work ron ps it would be nice to win

  57. Bud says:

    was moving a dish found this site ,thanks for the help

  58. MAaD says:

    I want to win

    Super assistance from this site

    But lets admit it people, we all want a free to air system to beat the high monthly cost of the commercialized companies

  59. R. Leduc says:

    “I want to win!”

    On top of having a great tool for pointing your dish, this site has great contests!


  60. Ed says:

    I Want To Win!!!, My last dish was struck by a UFO, sustained severe damage plus smoked my stb. Needless to say, Im tired of standing in the corner holdin the rabbit ears, or in the case of UHF, on the roof with a hanger wrapped w/ foil?? Heck, I even tried the web based tv “tv ants” what a joke!! There went $50 bucks for next to nuthin!! Well, got a good dwnld program out of it though. My kids are gonna string me up, they blame me cause my CB antenna is close to where the dish was and they say it was lightning, but I saw the UFO with my own 2 eyes, and I promise, “I was completely sober!!”. I never believed in UFO’s until then, now, I believe, maybe not alien, but something secret being with held from public. Triangle shaped and completely silent, if you ever see, you will believe!! Well anyway, If I could win that new Fortec, I could relax a lil, gettin to old to be playin antenna!! Thanks,,,Badspill

  61. PE Esainko says:

    “I want to win!”, followed by whatever … at least 2 win, maybe 3 like the 3 presidential candidates. Will sexism, racism or ageism prove strongest? So far, sexism is most powerful. Issues? none to speak of. One hesitates to pull out of Iraq (H), one wants to bomb Pakistan ad lib (O), one wants to stay a century in Iraq (McC). Kucinich was worth any 2 of the 3.

    By the way, impeach Bush-Cheney– often.

  62. anthony calimoso says:

    dishpointer a very helpful site if your are into fta.

  63. Peter says:

    I want to win!

    There once was a man from Nantucket he had a

  64. Terry Desjardins says:

    I want to win !!!
    Fabulous website!!

  65. junior68 says:
  66. Max Xiao says:

    I want to win.

    A great website for my dish setup. thanks a lot.

  67. Denny Ricci says:

    I want to win.

    and I always thought a dish was for eating cereal. “I stand Corrected”

    Thanks Guys you made my installation easy to swallow.

  68. J. Bruce Taylor says:

    Make a winner of me. Give me fifteen second of claim.

  69. Paul Garn says:

    “I want to win!”
    If you can’t find it with IT’S NOT OUT THERE!!!

  70. Marinko Duric says:

    Thanks for winig “FORTEC STAR FTA” Recever !

  71. Karl Brenneman says:

    “I want to win!”
    This will match up with my Primestar dish very nicely.

  72. beejayblade says:

    “I want to win!” Awesome site very useful.

  73. Henk says:

    I found your site while reading Tele-Satellite magazine on line. I have been into free to air for many years using a 10′ dish, and a number of years ago strapping a KU LNB beside the feed horn which works very well. I find your site very useful since Iam receiving many satellites and want to know more info about them all on one site.

  74. Terry Grain says:

    I’d also like to win…Love your site, thanks much

  75. valleyboy says:

    I want to win! Amazing what technology can do! Great job guy! All other sites are obsolete!!!!!! Thank you for making FTA Hobbying even easier:)

  76. Stanislav VLK says:

    “I want to win!” and thanks for assistance to us. Stan

  77. fuzzie says:

    I would love to win and be able to see how this works

  78. Greg Dobbins says:

    “I want to win!” Just about the best in dish alignment period.

  79. fuzzie says:

    I want to win!!!I would love to win and be able to see how this works

  80. Robert Stratton says:

    I want to win!

    That’s a great article on your site in the latest Tele-Satellite. Thank you for a useful and friendly service. It would be interesting to see what’s possible with the Google Earth client via KML import.

  81. Bryan Letourneau says:

    ” I want to Win ” :D

    Good luck to all

  82. oscar says:
  83. Charles Boyer says:

    No dish since the blitz of 86. I truly miss bird watching. Death to the cable monopoly!


    I really need it since I’m so deep in rural area.

  85. robyn says:

    I WANT TO WIN so please pick me i never win anything

  86. joe says:

    i dont’ know about free to air but it sounds pretty fun. hobby????

  87. Ali says:

    I want to win too.

    go FTA and go SADOUN!!!

  88. Astroidor says:


  89. boogernose says:

    Your Location Satellite Data Dish Setup Data
    Latitude: 38.225°
    Longitude: -85.714° Name: 91W, 101W, 110W(c), 119W
    Distance: 37863km Elevation: 39.0°
    Azimuth (true): 216.1°
    Azimuth (magn.): 220.6°
    Dish skew: 106.8°
    use this sight from time to time to update my equiepment. Sure am glad you are here.

  90. boogernose says:

    Your Location Satellite Data Dish Setup Data
    Latitude: 38.225°
    Longitude: -85.714° Name: 91W, 101W, 110W(c), 119W
    Distance: 37863km Elevation: 39.0°
    Azimuth (true): 216.1°
    Azimuth (magn.): 220.6°
    Dish skew: 106.8°
    use this sight from time to time to update my equiepment. Sure am glad you are here.

  91. Hoss says:

    I want to win.
    Satellite Dish Pointer is a Very useful App.

  92. CHANA says:

    I am out to win howevre where were you all those time your web site has change the scene of satellite completely, you are welcome once more

  93. Henry Robertson says:

    Great tool!!!

    I’m a satellite newbie (haven’t bought a receiver yet), but a friend of mine turned me on to FTA. When I get the equipment I’ll be all set with help from your website.


    I want to win!

  94. Jim says:

    I want to win!

    Great site. Hopefully I can find some money to get my first rig…

  95. Chris says:

    I want to win!

    Love your site, it helped me use my frustrating time setting up dish to watching in less than 15 minutes!

  96. manoochehr tashtitsimin says:

    I want to win!

    I try to find something else in the sky.


  97. Mike Stephens says:

    I’d love to win it and add to my collection. The satellite alignment guide is great.

  98. Raul Delgado says:

    I would like to try a different receiver.I would love to win it.It would go great with my 31″ Fortec dish.

  99. N. Hide says:

    I want to win! What a fantastic service you offer. The numerous DSS/DBS/FTA sites need to be your sponsors. Thank you!

  100. John Visick says:

    I want to win.

    I’m in Antananarivo Madagascar and have just set up my first satelliet Dish.

    This is fun.

  101. rob brooks says:

    Good site. Great for setting op a dish if u need the correct setting thks.

  102. rob brooks says:

    i want to win. for got to say that ha ha

  103. rogermc says:

    I want to win. Just found your site. Very helpfull. Thanx.

  104. Upul Palliyaguru says:

    I want to win. Very Helpful website

  105. hepado says:

    Simple to nevigate. no non-sense kind of website. It is so simple that even George Bush can use it without instructions. :)

  106. mike sayers says:


  107. Ed Clutter says:

    I want to win!
    I’m a newbie to FTA and find your web site fantastic.

  108. Jose D Mendieta says:

    I want to win…..
    I like to read about fta it is very interested.

  109. Yohan Ahn says:

    I want to win!
    Really want to try FTA

  110. joe schwentker says:

    I want to win !

    Some times i think that the tv is looking at me


  112. JONATHAN FALIN says:

    win-a-fortec-star-fta-receiver-ends-1603/ I WONT TO WIN THIS PLEASE AND MY ADRESS IS RT2 BOX 109 QLINCHPORT VA 24244

  113. Kevin says:

    “I want to win!”,

    I need a new recvr with USALS for my motor I am about to install. I only have DiSEQc now.
    Wish this service was around with my first fixed install. Trying to guess or figure out the magnetic/true azimuth bugged.

    Here is a trick if you have a mouse with a scroller: select and click one satellite – and before it draws it on the map, scroll your mouse wheel. It will map several satellites at once. At least it did for me: IE6, xp, dsl.

    Great site to get the basic data all in one place and even a visual reference. Why didn’t I think of it!?

    ***One question:
    Why is Galaxy10R listed as 300cm dish no matter where in the USA you map. Is the signal *that* bad?


  114. Tom says:

    I want to win!

    Just got a dish and found to figure out where to aim my dish. I see a couple of trees in my way. Now, where did I put that chainsaw………

  115. Gary Dyck says:

    I want to win!
    Is it possible that a green horn can program and set up his own satellite system? A lot of retailers don’t think so.

  116. Howard Harris says:
  117. Erich says:

    Great site. Hope i win

  118. Tom Wilson says:

    I want to win. This is a fantastic site. I just found it by looking at many google pages. I will use it extensivly on my RV travels.

  119. Phillips Nguyen says:

    I like to win. I found out by reading the Satellite Magazine and found out it’s very useful tool for FTA world..
    Good work and keep it up..


  120. Serg says:

    I want to win! The site is great as it provides very useful tools that I was looking for ages. I discovered the site by chance – it was mentioned on one of the web-forums. And the competition makes it even greater fun. I hope this is my lucky chance :)

  121. Donnie says:

    I want to win! I need more receivers!

  122. Randy says:

    I would like to win the reciever for a great hobbie,this site is a great help to people needing to learn.

  123. Alan says:

    Congratulations to Chris (#95) for his winning entry.

    For all those who didn’t win, keep an eye on this spot for the next competition.


  124. Surendra Sharma says:

    I want to win. FTA receiver is the most power full for all over world user see all fta channel that is own cost the site dishpointer is very helpfull for all over world user.