On the occasion of becoming a sponsor of DishPointer, Sadoun is giving away one Sadoun Powertech DG280 Satellite Motor worth $89.95. There are also giveaways for the second and third winner. ****This competition is closed now, see below for winners***** 1st place winner:: Grand prize winner will receive the Powertech DG280 Satellite Motor. 2nd place winner: One SF95LK Satellite Signal Strength Meter Kit. 3rd place winner: One SF95LK Satellite Signal Strength Meter Kit. So how do you enter to win? Easy! Simply post a comment at the bottom of this message and say “I want to win!”, followed by whatever random banter you wish to include. Be creative, be silly, be serious, tell a fun story.. whatever. Just post something – the more positive and entertaining the better! At the end of February 3, 2008, the winners will be selected “randomly” and notified by email. Rules:
  • Limited to residents of Continental United States and Canada
  • Must be at least 21 years of age to enter
  • One entry per family/residence for each item
  • Multiple submissions automatically disqualified
  • Officers and employees, including their relatives, of Sadoun Satellite Sales are not eligible for entry.
  • Deadline: February 3, 2008 – 20:00 UTC.
  • Entrants agree by act of registration to permit their name to be posted on this site if they are chosen as the winner.
  • Winning entry selected at random. Odds of winning varies dependant upon number of entries. This is a free drawing. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law.
  • Winner notified via email. Make sure your email is correct. If a selected winner is ineligible, fails to claim a prize no alternate winner will be selected.
  • Incomplete entries or entries with errors will not be processed. Entries submitted after deadline will be disqualified.
Good Luck! ************************* Update: 04 Feb 08 The competition is closed now. The winners, chosen randomly, are: 1st Prize Motor: Cy Edwards (#33) 2nd Prize Sat-Meter: Donielia Ward (#9) 3rd Prize Sat-Meter: Mark Scabar (#36) Congratulations to all three of you – you will be contacted shortly by email. And for all those who haven’t won, there will be another competition soon, so keep checking this place for updates. Alan
72 Responses to “Win a Satellite Motor Worth $89 – Enter Now!”
  1. Allan Schrank says:

    I want to win! Two weeks ago my 52″ Toshiba T.V. died less than two years after I bought it. It’s still in the shop waiting for parts under warranty, so no big rush on their part. Luckily, I have a 13″ set that I hooked up to my dish. A little hard to see, but it works. Last week my old Dish 500 died! Got on the phone to Dish Network to up-grade, and was given such a hard time by being put on hold, them hanging up on me, and their reps trying to talk me into receivers and programing I didn’t want, that after 2 1/2 hours I told them to cancel my account. I got on line with DirecTV and ordered everything I wanted in 1/2 hour, and it costs less. Unfortunately, they won’t be out to install it until a month from now. Oh yeah…the 13″ is hooked up to an antenna, but living in the backwoods of northern Wisconsin means I get two channels…PBS and FOX that’s very snowy. No Superbowl at my house this year. Even if I don’t win anything, I want to thank you for letting me vent.

  2. Cindy Weaver says:

    I WANT TO WIN! Living out in the provinces of rural Georgia, getting good reception OTA is almost impossible. I want to know what the weather is going to be, not what it was, and since the FCC says those of us in Eastern Georgia have to get the channels from SC and NC on cable and dish, I am goingto have to do some self-help. Would love to have a motor!

  3. George Melochick says:

    I want to win. No real complaints. Directv folks put in my 5 lnb dish last week and apparently set it for the old 3 LNB system so I’m missing those new HD channels. I had installed my previous system (antenna and reveiver) and figured I could do a realignment myself (it will take them a week to get to my place). I was worried the new satellites might run into interference with the trees but the cool feature on this site with the obstruction calculator shows I am Good to Go!

  4. David Alexander says:

    I want to win! Just getting started with using satellites, this is a great site, I will be checking my Sat tonight when I get home.

  5. Mark Zimmerman says:

    New to FTA and excited about all the stuff on the the different birds. This would be an awesome solution to multiple antennas, which is what I’m doing now. Thanks for the great site!

  6. Ernest Spiteri says:

    “I want to win”. Tired of perching precariously on a sloped roof (summer only) with a signal strength meter every time I want to try a different bird. A motor would be nice. I want to win win win.

  7. L. B. Brown says:

    I Want to WIN. I have been using an SM3D12 and a Fortec Star 80 cm dish that was purchased from Sodoun. We are located in northeast Florida. In August of ‘07 a wind storm broke a large limb from a pecan tree that overhangs the dish pedestal. The limb destroyed the dish and stripped gearing in the motor. We were using the setup to search for interesting off shore and foreign language signals. Our granddaughter has excelled in Spanish fluency in school primarily due to her willingness to understand Spanish language programs. I have a fixed dish in it’s place but it would be great to have the Clark Belt at our fingertips again. I Want To Win! Heck, We want to WIN.




  8. victor says:

    i want to win something jajaja

  9. Donielia Ward says:

    I want to win!!! I have had my satellite since August 2007, and know my satellite reception could be better. Have been outside aligning the dish more than I have been watching television. I hate to call customer service again to have a tech come out to check the dish. Because, all they told me before is I need to have the metal pole in cement. I think having a satellite motor might solve my problems.



  10. D Lloyd says:

    I want to win!!! I need the equipment now. I am setting up a new c-band dish…

  11. dharmesh dhandhukiya says:

    I want to win!,we have our education satellite, we all are research on its for educational purpose we get more & more information ……………..
    so …………..
    I want to win!
    I want to win!
    I want to win!
    I want to win!
    I want to win!

  12. james campbell says:

    i would like to have a motor for my satellite
    you are outside trying to line up dish,hoping the person inside the house can yell loud enough and let you know that you got it right.This could be some much easier if you had a motor on the dish because one person would be
    able to handle it.Never won anything before on the internet,this would be a great way to start.You know I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i want to win
    i want to win all the way



  13. Jim says:

    I want to win! Banter. Satellites are cool. We gots one on top of our RV. It’s really big. Or that’s what folks tell me. Banter. But I think it’s more like a dish though, and not really a satellite. All these other folks with satellites in their backyards must be really rich. Or work for NASA or something. Banter. Boy howdy, if I had a satellite on the roof, latency wouldn’t be an issue! But I suppose if I won that newfangled satellite motor you’re talkin’ about, banter, I could just tether it with some rope to our ladder and let it fly along behind us. Does it come with a remote control? Banter.

    I recently wrote a little story and made a movie about how to replace a MotoSat F2 control board on my whatchamacallit … Blog! Banter. Yeah that’s it. A banter blog. Thanks for makin’ that dishpointer thingy too. It’s purty cool. Banter. Did I mention, I want to win! (End Random Banter.)

  14. Pedro Hernandez says:

    I Want to Win……..

  15. Lee Coleman says:

    I just bought a new Fta reciever, and I haven’t gotten a signal yet. I think a motorized dish would be essential in finding my satellite. Im very upset about not being able to view my satellite yet.

  16. Randy says:

    I want to WIN!!! I’ve got 3 dish’s on the side of my house .If I don’t win this motor I’ll have to camo those suckers or something . My wife isn’t impressed either .Almost every time we are outside the house ,if the dishes are in line of sight she looks at them and shakes her head . But doesn’t say anything. I LOVE HER !!! Thanks and GOOD LUCK !

  17. Marek Bieciuk says:

    I need a motor bad, don’t want to pay comcast. for programs that I will not watch.

  18. JACK says:

    Very EXCITED for this contest! I can’t imagine being the winner….oh, wait a minute, let me imagine! Very cool indeed! thanks for offering such a great contest, what a great product!!!!

  19. Bobby Burton says:

    Just glad to have a chance at winning a great product from a great dealer. Sadoun’s service and support is 2nd to NONE!

  20. Luis Cachola says:


  21. Sylvia Handlon says:

    I WANT TO WIN, I GOT TO WIN. I am a 66 year old woman I am the one to climb up and down a ladder to set up my dish and believe you me that is no fun for someone my age and plus i don’t like heights but to get a half way decent reception I do what I have to do. Sooooooo Please Please I WANT TO WIN
    it does keep my girlish figure.

  22. dave hornett says:
  23. Steve McNeice says:

    “I want to win!”

    I’m Getting tired of:
    -turn on TV and Sat reciever
    -changing the channel
    -getting off my comfortable chair
    -putting on a coat and shoes
    -going outside into the cold
    -getting the ladder
    -climbing up the side of my house
    -manually moving my dish by hand
    -climbing backdown my house
    -put away my ladder
    -go back into the house
    -hang up my coat
    -put my shoes away
    -sit back into my chair.
    -my wife wants to watch a different program
    -I get off my comfortable chair
    -put on a coat and etc…

    This is a real pain
    every time I “channel surf”

  24. james collins says:


  25. Mike Young says:


    I am starting to put together a true FTA setup… by buying parts slowly so the wife doesn’t wonder where all the money is going…hehehe By winning a motor, this would reduce the stress of bringing in parts cause it would be “free”! Love your site! Oh.. I am wondering if we all married the same wife cause mine has the same conplaints as at least one above!

  26. Pablo Ulloa says:

    In my house we’ll see different channels on different satellites , in the morning before to go work i climb to my roof and point the dish for my wife , in the afternoon i have to do it for my kids and in the night when i get the control for me i have to move the dish again so if i win the satellite motor gona help me very much because on the winter the temp goes down under – 30°C , if you see me when i come down and walk like a penguin i try to imitate th happy feet movie to warm me up that the reason why ” I WANT TO WIIIIINNNNNNNNN “

  27. richard brown says:

    i want to win .having a motor drive and alignment tool would be very nice

  28. Abaneke Ndubizu says:

    Having a motor drive and an accompanying alignment tool, make life and watching satellite TV better. Dont have to go out in the rain to readjust the dish, esspecialy when watching a Lakers Game.

  29. A. Griffin says:

    I WANT TO WIN !!
    I’ve had my FTA for a year now. only getting one satellite instead of all of them. to hard for me to be readjusting the dish by myself. Having a motor would be so great.

  30. R. Leduc says:

    “I want to win!”
    This is a great dish pointing site. Verry cool!

  31. Valer Vasin says:

    To win something is nice! Sometime you have more chances to be hit by a lightning instead of winning something!
    Good luck to all contestant! The best will WIN, like always!

  32. isaiah says:

    i want to win so i can learn something about comunacations

  33. Cy Edwards says:

    I want to WIN , why ? Because I never win.
    P.S. it’s an awesom site for any and all information!

  34. david h says:
  35. Willard J Baird says:

    Hi I would like to win Im 83 years old and I need one win in my life time so lets do it now
    Thanks Willy Lump Lump

  36. Mark Scabar says:

    I want to win.
    Just a little joke to tell. ( A genie joke)
    While walking down the beach one day,I came across a bottle. I opened it up and out popped a genie.
    The genie swirled around in front of me and immediately thanked me for letting him free.
    For freeing the genie he offered me one and only one wish, and so advised that I should think about it.Well I had never been to Hawaii and I have a fear of planes so I asked if he could build me a highway to Hawaii. The genie looked at me for a while and say’s” that’s a tough one ,is there anything else you would like.”
    After some thought I realized that most of the time I really don’t understand women, so my wish was”I don’t
    understand women, can you teach me to understand how women think?”
    The genie looked at me with surprize and says” This highway, will it be a 2 or a 4 lane?”
    lol – Hope you got a little laugh.

  37. Pat O'Callaghan says:

    I want to win.

    But it seems I can’t, only living next door to America (on the west coast of Ireland). It’s been a bit of a job pushing that old dish around when I want to view a different satellite. But it gets me a bit of fresh air. I really could have done with that motor, but not to worry. I just discovered this site and it is really brilliant. Congratulations to all involved.



  38. mike freeman says:

    I want to win.
    I’m new to this sort of system…learning curve can be intense…large dishes..small dishes…motors…FTA..cards…what to read…what is false…Wow! With one tiny dish and a motor drive, it would be nice in -40C weather to not have to turn the dish while sitting frozen on my roof…haha! thanks…frozen in Manitoba../mkf

  39. Bruce Grayson says:

    I want to win! I was out there today Groundhog day – feeling much like I wanted to stay in… yet my dish had been moved by the very strong winds of this latest storm.

    I purchased a motor but it is defective- I have only had grief in setting it up. It still hangs from my pole and points my large dish to echostar – but I sure wish it would work, what a waste. I have an other pointed at the Canadian provider.

  40. Mel Anderson says:

    I and to win…..I would certainly like to win but unsure if the motor would work properly so far north. I am at 54:30N 128:36W so a long way from the Equator…

  41. Jaylani says:

    I WANT TO WIN!!!!
    Even if I don’t win this time, I believe I am already a winner for finding this site. DishPointer.com is great informative site for setting up a satellite dish. It really made it so much easier to find where to point the dish. I love the visual. So thank you dishpointer.com and thank you Google map.

  42. Charlie Myers says:

    I want to win!
    I could reaaly use a new signal strength meter. I love dishpointer.com, I wish it had been around back in the beginning when I was installing 12 ft C-band dishes, sure would have made things simpler. But then again the Internet didn’t even exist back then!

  43. Daniel Nadeau says:

    I WANT to WIN !!!
    I had BEV before and still have the dish. Want to go with Free-To-Air receiver and need this wonderful gadget that makes the dish turn from satellite to satellite. Bravo ! Dishpointet.com

  44. Al Steenberg says:

    I want to win so I can scan the skies for even more fun and entertainment. I am retired and have alot of time to try all that the FTA has to offer along with other interests in ham radio, trout fishing, etc. Give me a chance to wear out this unit before my end.

    Thank you for the opportuity to WIN

  45. help for nimic 82 and nimic 91 eliptical dish says:
  46. Herman Monton says:

    I Want to Win…
    Just started with this interesting hobby…Free-To-Air tv watching. Setting up the dish is a chore indeed but challenging and fun. Part of my daily activity is to see my internet friends: Dishpointer.com and lyngsat.com and see how they can guide me to a clear path (line of sight). Thanks to google map too, I started to like the look of my roof.

  47. john tulk says:

    i would love to win

  48. greg l lamb says:

    this web site has made 100% easier to set up my dishes for other people thanks

  49. Jody Rendell says:

    I want to win.I,am just getting started in the wonderful world of fta and i’m hooked.a satellite motor will make thing a lot more interesting.Your site is a valuable learning tool thanks .

  50. Mike Matheny says:

    “I WANT TO WIN” Really I do want to win! Never won anything in my life…hmm, quess I forgot I did win the heart of my wife Pam one the loves of my life. The other is my beautiful daughter April. I remember when I first moved to the mountains, Pam and April realized we could only get ONE channel. It was PBS. To the roof I went. Been scuffling up down that two story ladder ever since!!! Ususally at their demand. FTA has helped alot. However with my location alot of roof scampering has been required. “Dishpointer” has been at my fingertips and side the whole way. Thanks go to all there. Help!! save my neck. A satellite motor would be the cream of the crop in my FTA world. OH! did I mention “I want to win”

    Pam and April want me to win too.

  51. Robyn says:

    I need to win this for my husband,please! He is addicted to his FTA system. I now come third in his life. First hunting now FTA and then me. Just kidding, it is not that bad – I think we may be still tied for second! But my issue is standing in front of the TV for hours talking about what I see, with a real crappy walky talky. You know how it goes…yep, you got it, you are at 13 now 14 no now 10 owww you lost it. From what I understand, if he had a motor then it could cut out the middle “woman” and he could play by himself. He would be in all his glory if he could do this since if it gets any damn colder I am sure his blood will freeze out there. Please please please get his motor running!

  52. Chet says:

    i want to win because its hard to adjust my dish because i only have 1 arm

  53. Xizor says:

    Would love to win this, I’m new to the FTA world and was considering getting one !

  54. myridom says:

    Awesome.. Great site and somehting to get more out of FTA. Great combo.

  55. Han Liu says:

    I want to win! Great one.

  56. Lan Lin says:

    I want to win! I will win. Thanks.


    I want to win because we are having many satellites meant for TV broadcasting & entertainment but very less of can be used by us.I also want to watch many educational programs available on many channels & also to my friends for studying from these channels so


    Thank u 4 choosing me the winner

  59. bozorgmehr a.kashani says:

    I WANT TO WIN !WHY? because i am always a winner (i am so narcicistic),come baby home ,come!

  60. Kevin Eisler says:

    I WANT TO WIN !!!

    Could sure use the motor drive up here in the Great White North of Winnipeg, Canada

  61. Dean McIntyre says:

    This would be a great addition to my fta setup.

  62. Francisco says:

    i’m a newbie to fta, and I wan’t to learn more.

  63. fuzzie says:

    I want to win so I dont have to use so meny heads to watch the free channels

  64. chris mcgrath: says:

    would love to win ,used this site on all 3 of my satelite dish”s with my viewsat ultra 2000

  65. rob brooks says:

    Would like tp win this . sure would beat turning a 2X4 with dish on it to get sat signal. hope i win.

  66. mike sayers says:


  67. Jose D Mendieta says:

    I want to win, that satelite motor because I dont want to many dish.

  68. Elvis says:

    I want to win!
    Dishpointer is very ecological, because it saves lots of working hours for dishmaniacs!

  69. Chris Angus says:

    I want to win, so that i can drive my neigbours round the pole with my new TG280 motor!

  70. L.dorin says:

    I want to win so I dont have to use so meny heads to watch the free channels.Great site and somehting to get more out of FTA. Great combo.

  71. Mohammed Gaffar Aadil says:
  72. oiv says:

    Yes, i will be very,very,very HAPPY. TANKYOU