droid The DishPointer Augmented Reality app for Android phones has been released. It works like on the iPhone. Just point it at the sky and see on the live camera screen all the satellite positions and the alignment details. You can easily determine any line of sight (LoS) issues and find the best spot for your dish.

You can get it either by searching for “DishPointer” on the Android market on your phone or by downloading it below and purchasing a license. Note that the app requires Android OS 1.5 and later, a camera, accelerometers (motion sensors) and a digital hardware compass.

How to buy it from this website:

DishPointer Pro QR Code

1. Download the app to your sd card and install it using an app installer (preferably, download the app directly from your phone using a barcode scanner)

Download link: DPARPRO.apk (v.2.2.1) (Requires Android 2.0 and higher)

2. Buy the license code using Paypal

Price: $19.99 USD

The username and license code will be displayed at the end of the purchasing process and also emailed to you.

3. Under settings, enter the username and serial number.

Notes: The app will not work until it is activated. You need internet access from your phone during activation. When you upgrade your phone or do a factory reset, please deinstall the license first from the settings. This way you can activate the app again on the new phone.

Version history: v2.2.1
- NEW: Auto-Calibration
- Enhancements: User-Instructions
- Enhancements: Location updates
- Enhancements: User experience
- FIX: Several minor bug fixes

Version history: v2.0.1
- Bugfix: On some devices the app would force close on start up.

Version history: v2.0
- NEW: Screen capture. Hold the phone steady, hit the capture button and wait till it takes the picture and displays it back to you. The app will automatically save the picture to the sd card and will give you the option to email it to the back office or someone else. You also have the option to set a shutter delay, in case you need to hold the phone overhead.
- Improved location fix.