Finally, the DishPointer Maps app has been released for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This dedicated app is a lot more convenient than opening in the iPhone browser and a real time saver. Available immediately from the App Store.

DishPointer Maps iPhone App Screenshot

DishPointer Maps iphone app screenshot

The features include:

  • Automatic location update: The app uses your location information (e.g. GPS) and opens the map right at that point. You can toggle this automatic location update by pressing the locator button at the bottom left.
  • Location search: You can manually search for any location by clicking the address button at the bottom and then either entering an address, zip code, post code, latitude and longitude in the address box. The map automatically zooms to that location and draws the lines.
  • Works with any satellite: Just enter the satellite position, select whether it’s east or west (e.g. 110 West) and press the Done button at the top right. The new alignment line is drawn automatically.
  • Map types: You can switch between different map types (standard, satellite, hybrid) by pressing the info button at the bottom right.
  • Alignment info: By tapping the marker, you’ll get alignment information such as true azimuth, magnetic azimuth (when using a compass) elevation, and skew angle of either the LNB or the dish. The skew angle gives BY how much you have to wheel it and is positive clockwise when standing behind the dish.
  • Gestures enabled: You can tap and drag the marker to any location on the map. For zooming you can use pinch gestures, double tap, or the zoom controls.

This makes it really easy for aligning any satellite dish. If you use a lot, then get this app now by clicking here.

13 Responses to “DishPointer Maps (iPhone App)”
  1. jose says:

    excelente cuanto es el valor de ese equipo

  2. Zak says:

    Love the app, is there anyway we can get the multi sat dishes added, I install Directv slimlines and have to find all 5 sats for this dish and it is hard using the iphone browser

  3. Alan says:

    Zak, update coming soon with selectable multi sat dishes.

  4. Nelson says:

    what about a blackberry app?

  5. Alex says:

    Need this for Android. Work in the Sat Industry and this would be a life saver

  6. Scott says:

    I would love to see this on Android as well. I may steal a co-workers iPhone in the meantime though

  7. azalden says:
  8. Neil says:

    I have DishPointer Maps on my iPhone 3G. I really want DirecTV 5LNB position shown. Are you going to add multi-sat positions to this application?

  9. Alan says:

    All you need to do is enter the satellite position which is over the LNB arm of the 5LNB dish.

  10. nestor says:

    cuantos canales tiene satelite 123.w

  11. nestor says:

    para poder cachar el satelite 123.w que tengo que hacer

  12. nestor says:

    que debo hacer para aliniar el plato y elevacion

  13. Bob E says:

    I use the Droid
    One vote for a Droid DishPointer app…

    (Verizon has a more rural footprint than AT&T – want the iPhone but not the carrier)