Business Solutions

DishPointer is available for commercial companies as a customized solution, programmed to fit individual needs.

Applications of the software are numerous. For example, TV stations and broadcasters can show their viewers how to receive their channels, while online shops and distributors can provide additional technical support to their customers. Satellite operators can show their target geographical areas and which of their satellites can be received. Receiver manufacturers can upload the latest satellite settings into their receivers while professional installers can check on-site conditions before going out on a call.

What the clients say “DishPointer has proven to be a great tool. It’s one of the most visited pages on our website” Canal Digitaal

Clients include:

SES Americom SES Americom (Satellite operator)
Canal Digitaal Canal Digitaal (TV Broadcaster)
TV Vlaanderen TV Vlaanderen (TV Broadcaster)
Beam On Beam On (Online shop)
Sadoun Sadoun (Online shop)
Max Digital Max Digital (Online shop and Distributor)
Tele-Satellite Tele-Satellite Magazine (Satellite Portal)

There are three options:

Option 1: DishPointer Plus
As with the free DishPointer Lite version, you can place a code on your website which then displays the DishPointer map on your website. Installation takes only a few minutes. The difference between the free Lite version and the Plus version is that the latter is for high traffic sites and/or business critical websites and comes with business support, server performance monitoring and a few more additional features which are not inlcuded in the Lite version (e.g. magnetic azimuth). DishPointer Plus is fully customizable with the next Option 2.

Option 2: DishPointer Plus – Customized
Depending on your needs, DishPointer Plus can be fully customized for you, with more advanced features added or even taken out if you wish, the language changed, searches limited to a specific region, etc… Just let me know what you have in mind.

Option 3: Custom Online or Offline Software
If you need more than DishPointer Plus such as an offline software or another online tool, whether it’s an Ajax driven satellite calculator or a comprehensive solution with daily updated satellite data all licensed from SatcoDX, then a custom software can be programmed for you.

To discuss which option suits you best and for more information including pricing, please contact me at:


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