DishPointer has received great press coverage so far. If you are a blogger or journalist and would like to write about my satellite calculator then please contact me.

Below is some sample coverage of DishPointer or its sister site UkSatelliteHelp.

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Tele-Satellite (worldwide): “Dish Alignment – DishPointer”
What Satellite and Digital TV (UK): “Align your dish with Google

Digitalnitelevize (Czech): “Výpočet parametrů nastavení paraboly
LiveWorkDream (USA): “Calculate Satellite Settings with Dishpointer
Chip (Germany): “Die coolsten Erweiterungen fuer Google Maps
Voice Of America (USA): “Kako okrenuti satelitsku antenu u dobrom pravcu?
La Tele en Clair (France): “L’outil indispensable pour installer une antenne satellite (USA): “Which way do I point this thing?: helps you out
Googlemaps Mania (Canada): “50 more things to do with Google Maps
Wotsat (UK): “Align your dish with Google Maps”
Mapperz (UK): “Satellite Finder Map
Lifehacker (USA): “Position Your Satellite Dish with the Alignment Calculator”
Satellite Magazine (Netherlands): “TIP: Richt je schotel uit met Google Maps!
Hackszine (USA): “Satellite Alignment Calculator
Greg Hughes (USA): “Online Satellite Alignment Calculator uses Google Maps to show you where to point your dish
jkOnTheRun (USA): “Align a satellite dish with Google Maps
Korben (France): “Comment bien orienter votre antenne satellite
Googlexxl (France): “Savoir orienter une antenne satellite
Discourse (USA): “IF

…and many more