Available Satellites for (Lat: 0, Lon:0)
SatelliteBeam/EIRP (dbW)Dish size (cm)
80.0E EXPRESS AM2 (C-Band)EXPAM2CR outside footprint or unknown
EXPAM2KR outside footprint or unknown
78.5E THAICOM 2,5 (C-Band)THA005CG 27 outside footprint or unknown
THA005CR outside footprint or unknown
78.5E THAICOM 2,5 N/A
THA005KI outside footprint or unknown
76.5E TELSTAR 10 (C-Band)TEL010CG 41120
75.0E ABS-1 – ChinaABS001NB outside footprint or unknown
ABS001SB outside footprint or unknown
75.0E ABS-1 (C-Band)ABS001CB 24 outside footprint or unknown
75.0E ABS-1 – South-East AsiaABS001NB outside footprint or unknown
ABS001SB outside footprint or unknown
74.0E EDUSAT, INSAT 4CREDU001KU outside footprint or unknown
74.0E INSAT 3C (C-Band)INS003CB outside footprint or unknown
72.0E INTELSAT 4 – South Africa N/A
INT004SH outside footprint or unknown
72.0E INTELSAT 4 – EuropeINT004K1 outside footprint or unknown
72.0E INTELSAT 4 – Africa (C-Band)INT004CA 33 outside footprint or unknown
70.5E EUTELSAT W5 – Europe N/A
EUT0W5WB outside footprint or unknown
70.5E EUTELSAT W5 – South East Asia N/A
EUT0W5S1 outside footprint or unknown
68.5E INTELSAT 7,10 (C-Band)INT007CV 30570
INT010CH 32450
INT010CV 35300
68.5E INTELSAT 7, 10 – South Africa N/A
INT007SA outside footprint or unknown
INT010AV 41120
66.0E INTELSAT 704 (C-Band)INT704EH outside footprint or unknown
64.0E INTELSAT 906 (C-Band)INT906CG 36240
INT906WH 38150
60.0E INTELSAT 904INT904K1 outside footprint or unknown
INT904K2 outside footprint or unknown
57.0E NSS 703NSS703GL 20 outside footprint or unknown
56.0E BONUM 1BON001KU outside footprint or unknown
55.0E INSAT 3E (C-Band)INS03ECI outside footprint or unknown
53.0E EXPRESS AM22/SESAT 2EXPA22K1 outside footprint or unknown
EXPA22K2 outside footprint or unknown
49.0E YAMAL 202 – Asia, Europe (C-Band)YAM202CB outside footprint or unknown
45.0E INTELSAT 12 – EuropeINT012KE outside footprint or unknown
45.0E INTELSAT 12 – IndiaINT012IN outside footprint or unknown
45.0E INTELSAT 12 – South AfricaINT012SA outside footprint or unknown
42.0E TURKSAT 2A, 3A TUR02AKW outside footprint or unknown
TUR02AS1 outside footprint or unknown
40.0E EXPRESS AM1 – Europe, Russia (C-Band)EXPAM1C1 outside footprint or unknown
40.0E EXPRESS AM1EXPAM1K1 outside footprint or unknown
39.0E HELLAS SAT 2 – Europe N/A
HEL002F1 outside footprint or unknown
HEL002F2 outside footprint or unknown
HEL002ME outside footprint or unknown
38.0E PAKSAT 1 N/A
38.0E PAKSAT 1 (C-Band)PAK001CB 26 outside footprint or unknown
PAK001CS outside footprint or unknown
36.0E EUTELSAT SESAT, W4 – Europe N/A
EUTSE1EU outside footprint or unknown
36.0E EUTELSAT SESAT, W4 – AfricaEUT0W4AF 43100
36.0E EUTELSAT SESAT, W4 – East EuropeEUT0W4EU outside footprint or unknown
EUB003KA outside footprint or unknown
EUB003KB outside footprint or unknown
31.5E ASTRA 5A/1D – Europe N/A
30.5E ARABSAT 2B (C-Band) N/A
ARA02BKU outside footprint or unknown
28.2E ASTRA 2A,B,C,D, EUROBIRD 1 – Europe N/A
AST02ANO outside footprint or unknown
AST02ASO outside footprint or unknown
AST02BNO outside footprint or unknown
AST02BSO outside footprint or unknown
AST02CKU outside footprint or unknown
AST02DKB outside footprint or unknown
EUB001KF outside footprint or unknown
EUB001S1 outside footprint or unknown
EUB001S2 outside footprint or unknown
26.0E BADR 6 – Europe, Africa (C-Band)BADR0CCH outside footprint or unknown
26.0E BADR-3,4 – North Africa, Middle East N/A
BADR03KB outside footprint or unknown
BADR04KB outside footprint or unknown
25.5E EUROBIRD 2 – North Africa, Middle EastEUB002FB outside footprint or unknown
23.5E ASTRA 1E,3A – EuropeAST01EH1 outside footprint or unknown
AST01EH2 outside footprint or unknown
AST01EV2 outside footprint or unknown
AST03AKU outside footprint or unknown
19.2E ASTRA 1F,1G,1H,1KR,1L,1M – EuropeAST01FH1 outside footprint or unknown
AST01GKU outside footprint or unknown
AST01HKU outside footprint or unknown
AST01LKU outside footprint or unknown
AST1KRKU outside footprint or unknown
16.0E EUTELSAT W2 – East AfricaEUT0W2RE outside footprint or unknown
16.0E EUTELSAT W2 – Europe N/A
EUT0W2KW outside footprint or unknown
13.0E HOTBIRD 6,8,9 – Europe, Middle EastHOT006KB outside footprint or unknown
HOT008KB outside footprint or unknown
HOT009KB outside footprint or unknown
10.0E EUTELSAT W1 – EuropeEUT0W1KE outside footprint or unknown
9.0E EUROBIRD 9 – EuropeEUB009KW outside footprint or unknown
7.0E EUTELSAT W3A – South AfricaEUTW3AAB 40120
7.0E EUTELSAT W3A – EuropeEUTW3ABA outside footprint or unknown
EUTW3ABB outside footprint or unknown
4.8E SIRIUS 4 – EuropeSIR004EU outside footprint or unknown
SIR004NO outside footprint or unknown
4.8E SIRIUS 4 – South AfricaSIR004KA 40120
Dish size values are beta at the moment.

All satellites which have a positive elevation (i.e. are above the horizon) at your location are listed here. Estimated dish sizes are also given. These are calculated based on your position within the footprint of the satellite (click on the footprint links to see a map of the footprint). These footprints are not always accurate and certainly not accurate when it comes to fringe reception, i.e. when you’re close to the edge of the footprint. So, the dish sizes should be taken as a first guess only.

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    your calculator gives :210.7 36.8 and skew 99.2.
    Why the difference??
    I am mostly worried by the skew figures.
    Example; for a 110/119 combo the skew comes out as 57.4.
    Is that 57.4 degrees up or down from a level dish (one lnb) position?

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    The difference could be due to different magnetic field calculations but it so small that it wouldn’t make a difference. Bear in mind that these figures are there to find the satellite quickly, you then have to do the fine-tuning to get optimum results.

    As for the skew, 90° means that the dish is level. Now, some dishes have a scale where clockwise rotation shows up as >90° and on others <90°. So, best thing to remember is that you have to skew always into the satellite, e.g. if the satellite is west of you then you have to rotate the dish clockwise when standing behind the dish (assuming you are North of the equator). So, if the skew is 100° then rotate it by 10°, if the skew is 57° then rotate it by 23°.

    This is also explained in the satellite help section

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    Here’s my location: 03253 (Lat: 42.75, Lon:-71.48), I live on top of a hill in the woods of NH. To my south and west, from my rooftop, my eye level is just about level (my eyes above, I think) with every tree and the smaller hills beyond.

    I have many dishes (18″-90cm), mounts, excellent lnbs… and I very much want to pull in Echostar 1-2 at 148 degrees. Every “expert” I ask says it’s not possible to get that on the east coast, yet EVERY calculation program, like yours, says I can, I’m not outside the footprint, the only tough part being that the sat is at 1 degree above my horizon. You can’t set the dishes we buy much lower than 10 degrees, but there must be a way. I tried the upside-down dish idea but couldn’t get far with it, not much for instructions.

    If I can’t find a way to get this, why does every calculator say I can? Please help me find the answer!


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    Theoretically, it is possible to receive the satellite but practically…..

    Note that I am away the whole month of June so it is difficult for me to respond to all queries in a timely mannerç.

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    Dishpointer says Most Popular Satellites in AO: 40.5W C-Band: Nss 806 & 22.0W Nss 7.
    In fact 40.5W C-Band: Nss 806 is out of print. You can check this with SatcoDX or Lyngsat!
    Popular satellites here are 22.0W Nss 7 (Ku 65 cm dish); 27.5W Intelsat 907; 7.0E Eutelsat W3A (Ku 65 cm dish); 36.0E Eutelsat Sesat,W4 (Ku 65 cm dish); 68.5E Intelsat 7,10 (Ku 65 cm dish).

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    Hi, hemain,
    dishtv uses NSS 6 at 95.0°E to broadcast its programmes. Here is a link for you: unfortunately, your country is out of footprint as regards Ku signals.
    Bonjour, hemain, le dishtv emploie NSS 6 à 95.0°E pour annoncer ses programmes. Voici un lien pour vous : malheureusement, votre pays est hors d’empreinte de pas en ce qui concerne des signaux de Ku. (Sorry for any inconvenience, my French is awful!)

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    Hola Gilberto4518,
    Usted necesitará una antena con un tamaño entre 1 a 1.5 metros y un LNB para la banda C. Si usted también está interesado en canales en la banda Ku, tales como Aastha International; Cubavisión Internacional, entonces su mejor opción es un LNB C/Ku. Usted puede comprar uno con SADOUN.COM.

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    The best sites for satelites information such as frequencies, tv services, footprints, etc., are:

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    Hi guys,
    Theoretically and practically it is possible. I live in Toronto, Ontario and watch 148°W no problem. For me it is elevated at 6°. True, at bad weather condition such as heavy rain I lose the signal completely. There is a trick which allows you to set the dish elevation beyond its physical limitation (for my dish it is 20°). You have to set your dish mounting mast in such a way that when lowered horizontally it would point to the chosen satellite with some ~10° tolerance. Using any level tool with angle measurment, set the mast at 70° relative to the horizon, then set the dish elevation at 20° + required elevation for your geographical point. For me it was 20° + 6° = 26°. Enjoy.

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    Pregunto la antena de 75cm me sirve tambien para el nimiq 1 que dice deber ser de 40cm?………..

    Mi duda es si un satelite de banda Ku usa una antena menor se pude localizar igual con una antena de mayor diametro?
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    I now live in Australia and trying to set my dish but I realy dont know the correct satelite to use to catch the same programs or more.
    Can any one tell me which is the correct satelite


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  106. Alan says:

    @102, Varga; 104, Primo: There will be an update soon.

    @105, David: If it has just one lnb then you could rotate just the lnb but then it wouldn’t be a multi-lnb dish and you would use the lnb skew reading instead. If there are several lnbs on the dish, you would rotate the dish.

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    @109, Michael: I hope to do it this week.

    @108, 110: english?

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    Best regard, Arij

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    I am not receiving the arabsat 6 any more (still receiving badr 4 and 3 but not six).
    what shall I do , I have good receiver , the dish is only 100 cm. and universal LNB.
    thanks in advance
    Copenhagen- Danmark

  121. Alan says:

    @119, Arij: If you have good strength and no quality, then you’ve got the wrong satellite – you need to re-aim the dish.

    @120, Suleiman: Badr6 does not have a footprint on Denmark except for C-Band.

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    @135, Yamungu: Thanks :)

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