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Opera Mobile 9.5 and DishPointer

Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta is out and you should put it on your PocketPC PDA/Handheld running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 now.

Why? It’s the only browser for mobile handhelds which fully supports Javascript and Ajax – and that’s required to show Google Maps applications such as DishPointer. The only other alternative for using DishPointer on the go would be Apple’s iPhone or iTouch.

The Opera Mobile 9.5 browser is still beta, so install it onto the device memory rather than on a storage card. But the good thing is, because it’s beta – it’s free! So download now while you can. The older version 8.65 comes only as a 30 day trial and costs $24.

Only Pocket PC’s running WM 5 or WM6 are supported. The new Opera will not work on Pocket PC 2003, Symbian, S60 and Smartphones

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