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There is an independent review of the MaxPeak digital satellite meters on Dr. Dish TV (DrDish Magazine – 07/2008). The review starts about a third into the programme, just after a short talk with Polytron, the distributor of the MaxPeak meters in Germany. The meter gets full marks and the “Tested and Recommended Award” from Dr.Dish.
MaxPeak Digital Satellite Meter 2

I’ve been using the MaxPeak Satellite Meter (SAM) for over a week now and have done two satellite installations with it. With both installations, finding the satellite and fine-tuning the alignment took about 2-3 minutes:

After looking up the location on DishPointer and noting down the elevation, skew and a visual clue on the alignment line, all I had to do is to set the elevation and the skew of the dish, and then point the dish straight at the landmark. The meter immediately locked on to the satellite (the speed at which the MaxPeak meter locks on to the satellite is amazing) and gave me the signal strength, signal quality and signal error (pre BER and post BER) readings – see image below.
MaxPeak Digital Satellite Meter 2

By moving the dish very slightly left/right and up/down I could maximize the signal quality bar and minimize the error reading. And that was it actually, I’ve never done an installation faster and more accurate than this.

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